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Compiled from extensive research by the guys over at DI forum Forum along with UK Paedos Exposed, Gojam and the Op Greenlight crew (yes I know it sounds like a naff 80’s band lol) Murun, the outstanding bravery of all the victims who have spoken out against these vile beasts and last but not least, all the individual contributors. Your time and efforts, given so generously, are most welcome and very much appreciated.

For a more complete view of the extent of paedophilia in the UK and Ireland, head over to UK Paedos Exposed, where you will find the carefully checked and verified database.

Updated to now include other paedo networks…

In 1993, Dieter Gieseking founded in Düsseldorf (Germany) Krumme 13, a support group and self-help for pedophiles. The organization offered legal advice to prisoners pedophiles, child abuse called for the decriminalization and legalization of child pornography and encouraged pedophiles to “come out of the closet.” In 2001, K13 became the center of media attention for the arrest of two of its members after they have been published on the association’s website reported pederástico un erotic character. In 2002 there was an outbreak of neo-Nazis against K13, who faced groups of counter-protesters that ended with police intervention. In 2003, K13 was officially dissolved before the media and social pressure, but Dieter Gieseking decided to keep your site active open until today (2013). K13 was also criticized by pedophile groups Pado and IPCE, which provided no trust in their leader arrested or in association, claiming to be harmful to the pedophile movement.
In the middle 1990s, the popularization of internet pedophile activism provided the new channels of expression for the diffusion of their ideas and offered to pedophiles the opportunity to escape from isolation through direct contact. In 1995 was created BoyChat , the first online community for gay pedophiles, which led to the creation in 1997 of the group Free Spirits , which was born with the aim of facilitating safe virtual resources in multiple languages. Since 1998, heterosexual pedophiles would create similar resources. Since then they have been developed in many network sites and communities following the same model.
In 1996 exploded in Belgium the ‘Dutroux affair’, which would exert a very negative influence on the social perception of pedophilia and, as a consequence, the pedophile movement. All pedophilic associations in the country, as Dokumentatiedienst Pedofilie , Studiegroep Pedofilie or Stiekum were closed or stayed in the shade. The media would direct their attention increasingly to cases of child sexual abuse, relating them systematically to pedophilia. All this meant that pedophilia appeared before the public as a synonym for sexual abuse of minors. In the Netherlands, the relative tolerance that could still exist in relation to pedophilia eventually disappeared.
Edward Brongersma, who had been the target of harassment by their neighbors and assaults on public roads because of his activism in favor of acceptance of pedophilia, immersed in a deep depression decided to end his life in 1998 by measuring the euthanasia , in favor of which he had expressed during his last years. After his death, his library and his personal archives were transferred to the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. A part of your image collection was confiscated by police and found to be child pornography.
In 1998, psychologists Bruce Rind, Robert Bauserman and Philip Tromovitch published in Psychological Bulletin of the American Psychological Association study your A meta-analytic examination of assumed properties of childsexual abuse using college samples, which concluded that not all sex with minors are necessarily abusive and criticized anti-pedophile “hysteria” triggered in the 1980s. In 1999 NAMBLA published on its website a summary of the study entitled “The Good News about Man / Boy Love”, where she is welcomed because, in his view, it “demonstrates that the current war against boylovers has no scientific basis “. The work led to a major controversy in the United States, which began with criticism from some social conservatives and religious fundamentalists, as well as some psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and came to the Congress. This is demonstrated concern for the consequences it could have on the publication of the official results paradigms regarding pedophilia and July 12, 1999 adopted Resolution 107 (by 355 votes in favor, 0 against and 13 abstentions on), establishing that the politically sexual relations between adults and minors are unfair and harmful in all cases. The condemnation of a scientific study by Congress was at that time an unprecedented.
In 1999, the writer pedophile Canadian John R. Sharpe became popular for having managed to change, without legal representation, some articles of the Canadian law after submitting an appeal of unconstitutionality in which he argued that the laws on child pornography in Canada (even fictional representation of sex where it is prohibited from minor characters 18) vulneravam the right to freedom of expression and thought. Sharpe filed his appeal after being arrested in 1995 on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography, based on a few photos of teens having sexual relations and manuscripts and diaries describing sex between teenage characters, found during a police search made ​​to return a meeting with Edward Brongersma in the Netherlands. In January 1999, Sharpe was acquitted of possession of child pornography by the Supreme Court, and in May the Court of Appeals ratified the sentence by 2-1 votes in favor and 1 against, stating that the laws on child pornography “[ are] actually one step closer to criminalize simply for having offensive thoughts. ” Shortly thereafter, however, the prosecution appealed to the Supreme Court, which it ratified in 2001, through a resolution, most of the laws on child pornography as a valid restriction of the right to freedom of expression, although established that citizens do not could be prosecuted for creating works of his own imagination for private use

AMG – Athletic Model Guild (USA)

Acolyte Press (frank torey) (Amsterdam)

A.M.b.L.A – (Australia) Australian Man boy Love Association 


A.P.S.G – (Australia) Australia Paedophile Support Group. Founded in 1980 or 1983 according to other sources. It was succeeded by the Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters (BLAZE), another group dismantled by police.

Azoz Films (Canada)

Boy Lovers (Australia / New Zealand)



CRIES (Belgium) Centre de Recherche et d’Information sur l’Enfance et la Sexualité (CRIES), 1982-1986. Founded by Philippe Charpentier. It was destroyed in a sensational conspiracy trial which resulted in the extinction of any pedophile movement in Belgium and France. The group published the magazine L’Espoir

Christopher Street (USA)

Coalition Pédophile Québécois (Canada)

Danish Pedophile Association (DPA) (Denmark) The Pedophile Group or Pedophile Group association is a Danish organisation which was disbanded on March 21, 2004. A website is still running, operated by a group of active members of the former association. It was originally founded in 1985. On July 23, 1996 the group had eighty registered members and participated in an International Congress in Denmark. It was also a member of the IPCE (formerly the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation). A 2004 newspaper article identified Dan Markussen as the organization’s spokesman.
In 2000, a Danish TV documentary team went undercover to investigate the group. Members were shown exchanging child porn and giving advice on how to contact children in internet chatrooms. A man was arrested by police in connection with the investigation.
In 2000, the group asked its members to provide misleading information to authorities to help Eric Franklin Rosser, an ex-member of John Mellencamp‘s band and a man charged with producing and distributing child pornography, evade prosecution. He was convicted in 2001 however, and was subsequently added to the U.S.Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s most wanted list

Dreamboard (USA)


Fach Und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie. (Belgium) Founded at the early 1970s. In autumn 1994 Professor Rüdiger Lautmann come to Zuerich to have a public speech for this group. Defunct?

Fun Club
Gay News

Groupe de Recherche pour une Enfance Différente (GRED) (France) 1979-1987. The group published the bulletin Le Petit Gredin

International Journal of Greek Love

IPCE – International Paedophile and Child Emancipation (forum/website)


Martijn. (Netherlands) Founded in 1982. The most important pedophile association in Europe. On 27 June 2012 a Dutch court ruled that the group was illegal and ordered it to disband immediately. However this decision was overturned by a higher court in April 2013. The judge motivated his or her decision by stating that Martijn club did not commit crimes and the right offreedom of association.The group published the bulletin OK Magazine


N.A.M.b.L.A (frank torey) (USA)


Paidika (Netherlands) Journal of Paedophilia. Published 1987 onwards.

PAN (A Spartacus publication – editor frank torey)
Panthology (frank torey)

P.I.E (UK) Paedophile Information Exchange

POJKAERT. (Belgium) Paedophile publication.

Social Services


Stiekum (Belgium)

Studiegroep Pedofilie (Belgium) Defunct

TBP – The Body Politic
Thursday’s Child
Toro Bravo
UK Gov

to name but a few.
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