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My very best wishes to Muslims across the country and around the world celebrating Eid.

Eid Mubarak!

Eid al-Fitr 2014: David Cameron’s message
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy AGAIN ~ 42 days so far with no fkn benefits whatsoever yeap went 42 days at the beginning of the year hhmm wonder how long it will be this time? fkn the sissy b@stards can ram their austerity tactics up their @ss it does not work with me… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khM8TotCYsY
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    • William Robb Get a job then..
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy You Sir can do one…Ima ill my doctor wrote me a few letters due to ATOS saying the first one only states my illnesses but did not state that ima not fit for work yeap this is what my doctor wrote in the second letter >>> I was asked recently to provide a medical report for Malcolm and his consultations with us. The report made it clear that he was having trouble with insomnia, stress and depression. He has been receiving Med 3 certificates from the Practice which I hope make it clear that he is unable to work because of the aforementioned conditions. His current Med 3 expires at the beginning of August and he will receive another one at that point. I confirm that he is currently unfit for employment.
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Due to the SCOTTISH GOOBERMENT and Aberdeen city services covering-up my daughters sexual abuse by her beastly masonic mothers family…
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Oh and Aberdeen South ~ SMP Anne Begg knows all about it but she does not care about children… FACT !! . . .
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy As for Alex Salmond he is up to his neck in the cover-up’s of child abuse in Scotland…Try googling it…
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    • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Same down in beastminster eh…
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