Shock: Indiana Couple Abused 4-Month-Old Daughter so Bad ‘She Had Hemorrhaging in Her Eyes’

By , May 6, 2014

Andi Suddarth

An Indiana couple has been arrested after abusing their four-month-old daughter so badly that she had hemorrhaging in her eyes.
Police have arrested 26-year-old Michael Knott and 23-year-old Andi Suddarth after they brought their daughter to the hospital. The hospital contacted the police because the girl had severe brain injuries, blood on her brain, and hemorrhaging in her eyes.
According to reports, the couple says they have no idea how the girl was injured but investigators believe the injuries were sustained in February when she was just one month old. Police say the extent of the injuries may not be clear until the girl is two years old.

Hancock Country Sheriff’s Department Capt. Jeff Rasche said: “It was definitely consistent with injuries that were inflected onto the child and not something that just happened to it.”
Suddarth has been charged with two counts of felony neglect while Knott is charged with a count of child neglect. The child’s great-grandparents have been given custody.
Rasche adds “no one else is here to speak for the child, hopefully we have.”
Knott took to Facebook to defend himself, writing: “Everyone running your mouth about this situation go ahead, my beautiful little girl isn’t blind, she’s doing great she’s laughing cooing, eating, and deff not blind. Everything will show in time that none of this is true. You all keeping running your mouths in the end you will all be proven idiots. Everyone that is supporting us and sending US prayers thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

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