Scott Pattinson
I have been unlawfully punished by Aberdeen police, in particular two officers and the pirc.
Here is the situation I currently face

DC Lisa evans caused me alarm, distress and fear. I phoned her directly on the 101 service. When I was put through to her by the operator I stated I was a media spokesperson for Indy media. I continued by saying if she would comment on the situation that involved both her and elish angiolini in their court appearances that both contradicted one another.

She stated I have no comment on this matter and then I requested a sit down meet to which she declined. She demanded to know my name, address and telephone number. I did not have to give these details out as I had not committed a criminal offence but I did anyway. She then said that this matter would be reported to her superiors and when asked why she declined to answer.

She then told her superiors i was harassing her and she felt uneasy.  If I was harassing her with continued questions then why did she not state this in the call

In a letter from the station they state I am a robert green fan. At no point did I state this too them so where did this information come from? Have they been investigating me? My enquiries were ignored and this was not addressed. This is not a fair and just investigation of my calls to them.

He also stated that I was to be banned from contacting his officers. This is outrageous because as freelance press I have the right to seek information. He has unlawfully taken away this right. And for what? For making a legitimate request to ask why her and angiolini’s court statements clashed? This is quite simply unbelievable.

They have also stated that they are unable to comment on any on going matter. This event I was asking clarification on has long been served. There is absolutely no investigation in this matter or is there required to be simply because perjury is a cut and dry affair.

He has no right, none. The police are there to serve and assist the public. This is in clear obstruction of those very values. They have made me out to be an aggressive person. This is in no way true as I can get support from anyone I know that I am a friendly and helpful person. Also in stating this I am medically incapable of showing aggressive behaviour as if I do it makes me very unwell as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

This man has clearly shown his ability to have tunnel vision and to manufacture this story he has given. How can such ignorance be allowed?
In all honesty I condemn these people and I no longer see the point in expressing myself as this very system for me is broken and morally corrupt

Please help, this event has made me feel upset, unwell and I don’t think that’s right because I am a vulnerable person

Scott pattinson


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