Male nurse jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing vulnerable mental health patients in hospital

  • Alan Taylor, 51, repeatedly had sex with mentally ill patients on the ward
  • He would put paper over the windows so no one could see his abuse 
  • Judge tells Taylor he ‘abused his position’ as he is jailed for 12 and a half years and banned from working as a carer

Jailed: Nurse Alan Taylor repeatedly molested two of his patients on a psychiatric ward

Jailed: Nurse Alan Taylor repeatedly molested two of his patients on a psychiatric ward
A nurse has been jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing two vulnerable patients on a psychiatric ward.
Alan Taylor, 51, had sex with one woman in her room on the ward, and on another occasion he molested her in a hospital cupboard.
A judge told Taylor that he had ‘systematically abused his position’ of trust towards his victims as he was banned from ever working as a carer again.
Taylor abused the two women, now aged 32, between 2005 and 2007 while he was working at a mental health unit in Hertfordshire.
He had previously been warned about his behaviour towards patients several years earlier.
St Albans Crown Court heard that Taylor several times put paper over the observation window of one woman’s room while he had sex with her during his night shift.
He also groped her in a nearby patch of woodland, and took her into a cupboard where he got her to touch him.
He took the other woman to his own bedroom in the grounds of the hospital and twice had sex with her, as well as molesting her in a courtyard.
Taylor, from St Albans, was yesterday found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder, and sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison.
He has been banned from working as a carer by the Nursing and Midwivery Council and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
Judge Stephen Warner told him: ‘You were in a position of trust and responsibility. You systematically abused that position. You took advantage of the most vulnerable members of society for your own sexual gratification.’
Detective Constable Kelly Adams, who led the investigation, said: ‘Alan Taylor is a despicable man who preyed on one of the most vulnerable groups of young women in society. He was supposed to care for them, but instead took advantage of their situations for his own sexual gratification.
‘This case has been one of the most emotionally and mentally taxing cases we have dealt with – not only because of the nature of the offences, but because the victims were extremely vulnerable.
‘We hope that the verdicts passed today and sentences given will reflect the severity of Alan Taylor’s appalling actions and give hope to victims of sexual offences that justice can and will be done and the perpetrators of such crimes will be dealt with.’
Guilty: Taylor was convicted of five sexual offences at St Albans Crown Court, pictured

Guilty: Taylor was convicted of five sexual offences at St Albans Crown Court, pictured
A spokesman from the Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘Our thoughts are with the vulnerable women in this appalling case, as well as their families.
‘Alan Taylor’s actions were completely unacceptable. He betrayed the position of trust he held and we do not tolerate such behaviour.’
Adrian Foster of the Crown Prosecution Service added: ‘This case involved the sexual assault of women by a care manager. The position of trust held by the care manager, and the vulnerability of the victims at the time of the abuse greatly increases the seriousness of these already grave offences.
‘It is only due to the great courage and persistence of the victims that the despicable behaviour of this nurse at the residential hospital has been exposed.
‘I would like to pay tribute to the victims and witnesses in this case for their strength and tenacity in coming forward and giving evidence on matters which must still have been extremely distressing years after the events took place.’

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