Horrifying footage of children beaten at nursery where staff drugged fruit juice with wine

The youngsters were also forced to drink coffee to wake them up before their parents came to collect them

Horrified parents saw their children as young as five being beaten at an unlicensed kindergarten after staff accidentally forgot to turn off CCTV cameras.
The camera footage was meant to show the youngsters living in what was billed as a children’s paradise in Romania.
Instead, it showed children given red wine in their fruit juice to make them sleep, and then coffee to wake them up when the parents were supposed to come to take them home.
Children were also filmed being pushed, dropped and dragged across the floor when, despite the wine and coffee treatment, they either refused to sleep or did not want to wake up.

Caught on camera: A staff member with children at the Romania nursery

At one point, a female nursery worker can be heard shouting: “If you don’t do as you’re told you will get a punch in the head, just go to sleep or you will get hit so badly and then I will kick you outside in the cold.”
Despite the abuse, the nursery in the Black Sea city of Constanta, is still running because of a legal loophole that meant a change in the law left nobody responsible for closing it down until a criminal case is complete.
Cristina Ivan, from the local School Inspectorate, said: “It is correct that it is neither authorised or accredited however we cannot go in and search the property and check it matches standards until they request a licence.
“Not being in our database means we have no authority to check them.”
The abuse was discovered by chance because every morning staff at the Little Kingdom nursery used to leave the cameras on from 9am to noon so that parents could watch their kids playing and doing simple lessons with the teaching staff.

Captive audience: Youngsters at the nursery

But at midday when the children were expected to go to sleep, the cameras were switched off and that was when the abuse started.
Police and social workers investigating the incident say that a parent who logged on after midday noticed by chance that the cameras were still running, and was shocked to see kids being shouted at and abused.
Lawyer Stefan Roman who is representing the parents said on numerous occasions parents questioned why the children had come home with bruises, but were always told it was as a result of being hit by one of the other youngsters in the nursery group.

Heavy handed: A woman with a child at the nursery

They had taken this in good faith, with the children themselves mostly too young to say anything different.
Mr Roman said they were also suing the owners of the nursery for compensation alongside the criminal investigation being carried out by authorities.
He said: “As you can imagine it was a shocking experience for the parents. There were 60 or so children at the nursery. We only have images from two days but it is clear from the injuries the children had that this must have been going on all the time.”

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