The mysterious death of BBC DJ Mike Smith

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Former BBC DJ, Mike Smith, has apparently died of heart surgery ‘complications’.
None of his friends knew he was unwell.
He is the third high-profile BBC name to die in mysterious circumstances this year.
BBC comic, Rik Mayall, also died of a heart-related ‘incident’, despite his wife declaring on the day of his death:
At least we know it’s not his heart as he’s just had a check-up and been given the all-clear.”
Rik knew all about the paedophile ring at the BBC which is linked to government and royalty.
Presenter Peaches Geldof started to tweet the names of child-abusers linked to Ian Watkins.
Her close chum at the BBC, Fearne Cotton, used to date Watkins.
Peaches was soon found dead and a heroin-overdose story was concocted to cover-up her murder.
This was the exact tactic used to kill both Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence, who also knew about Savile and the paedo-ring.
Mike Smith claimed that he had to fend off the advances of male DJ’s when he worked at the BBC.
Many DJ’s linked to Savile were predatory homosexual paedophiles, including Joe Meek, Chris Denning and Alun Freeman.
Mike Smith and his wife Sarah Greene were nearly killed in 1988 when the helicopter they were in lost power and fell from the sky.
Their careers suffered and they were rarely seen on TV again.
By a strange coincidence, Rik Mayall was also nearly killed in a quad-bike accident and again his career never recovered.
Top BBC presenter Jill Dando knew all about the murderous VIP paedohile ring operating at the BBC.
She tried in vain to alert her bosses but was soon shot dead to silence her and warn other journalists to keep their mouths shut.
Jill was friends with Chelsea boss Matthew Harding who was linked to Mandelson and Blair and realised that Mossad was running blackmail-paedophile rings to trap politicians and celebs.
In 1996, Harding was killed in a helicopter crash when it lost control and fell out of the sky.
We recently published the following post:
If you thought for one minute that the BBC is, in anyway, as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.
Behind the comforting British TV façade, lies a paedophile network ,so vast and sordid it literally beggars belief.
It’s ringleaders are so dangerous that speaking out about the abuse can lead to murder.
The following high-profile names were all killed because they had knowledge of the child-raping ways of the BBC:

  • Jill Dando
  • Kristian Digby
  • Natasha Collins
  • Mark Speight
  • Kevin Greening
  • Paula Yates
  • Rik Mayall
  • Peaches Geldof

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Savile was a lone pervert stalking the broadcast centre.
He wasn’t.
Savile was, in fact, working as a VIP pimp, procuring children to be abused and often murdered, by Royalty, Government and showbiz entertainers.
He managed to hoodwink the British public for over 50 years due to his close links to Prince Philip, the Secret Services and Margaret Thatcher, who were themselves up to their necks in filth of the highest order.”
” Without a shadow of a doubt, these high-profile presenters met their end because they had knowledge of the sordid child-raping activities taking place at the BBC.
In a strange twist, BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008.
He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging in a disused section of Paddington Station.
We now know Rolf Harris has been arrested by officers from Operation Yewtree., investigating a paedophile ring at the BBC.
It transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.
At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:
It was joyful to work with Mark.
‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.
‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late.’
Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.
He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”
We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.
Some say Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s.
The coroner who held the inquiry into the deaths of Mark Speight and Natahsa Collins was Paul Knapman.
Knapman was responsible for many high-profile inquests during his 30-year tenure including the following:

He was heavily criticised for his bizarre and gruesome handling of the Marchioness riverboat inquest in 1989:
Chris Pond MP raised serious and urgent questions relating to the conduct of Westminster coroner, Paul Knapman.
He sought to highlight the shocking treatment of families of victims of the Marchioness boat tragedy by the creepy coroner.
For some unexplained reason, Knapman horrifically allowed the victims hands to be cut off and their body parts and tissues to be removed without permission and treated concerned family members with utter contempt.”
Knapman was up to his old tricks again when he claimed that BBC DJ, Kevin Greening, had killed himself in a gay bondage session that went wrong.
The murder of Jill Dando has remained conveniently ‘unsolved ‘ for the past 16 years.
Since 1998, we’ve heard various theories about possible motives for the murder including the involvement of the Serbian mafia or a revenge attack for her work on Crimewatch.
Were these theories merely red herrings, planted to throw investigators off track?
Most certainly, yes.
You see the brutal murder of Jill Dando was not carried out by a lone-stalker or Serbian warlord.
She was murdered by the British Establishment with help from sly Israeli intel agency, because she was about to expose the ring.
Jill’s close friend and confidante, Cliff Richard, has himself been named as a visitor to the notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where vulnerable children were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by filthy VIPs.
Cliff was interviewed at length by detectives investigating the murder of Jill on several occasions.
Why was he such an important ‘ witness’ ?
Jill’s fiance, Alan Farthing, came face-to-face with Jill’s killer but conveniently forgot to tell the police.
Alan has since risen through the ranks of the medical profession and is now the doctor responsible for the birth of Kate and William’s new baby.
Was his promotion linked to Jill’s murder?
Jill’s colleague on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance.
Nick is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Esther Rantzen, who is also implicated in the Savile scandal.
Caplan and Rantzen founded Childline which appears to be a ‘front’ organisation used to filter out callers who may have been the victims of VIP child-abuse.
Nick Ross founded the ‘front’ Crimestopper’s helpline.
This helpline conveniently stopped working following an appeal for witnesses to Jill’s murder.
There were many procedural ‘mistakes‘ made by the Met Police during their investigations.”
Top judge Lord Neuburger hates social media and wants Twitter to be state-controlled.
His wife Angela was a top BBC executive.
She was also the producer of Crimewatch and a close friend and colleague of Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen.
In 2002, Mike Smith became embroiled in a legal and financial battle with the agent of his sister-in-law, Laura Greene.
The agent was Jon Roseman.
Roseman’s most famous client was none other that Jill Dando.
How very, very strange indeed.
Is there more to the mysterious death of Mike Smith than meets the eye?
We haven’t got a bloody clue.
Have you?

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14 thoughts on “The mysterious death of BBC DJ Mike Smith”

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  2. my brother used to work in the garage which serviced Jill Dandos car, he said she was a lovely lady and not just to look at,
    she was always so polite to the garage workers and always gave him a 50 P tip for himself, she spoke about how rotten and corrupt the BBC was but never any more than this tantalising bit of info.
    My brother said she was a favourite at the garage and very fussy about having the car valetted, my brother said he wondered if she thought it was bugged ?
    The saying that ‘all roads lead to rome’ gives you an idea of how much of the corruption goes back to jews, they run all entertainment , most DJs are jews, almost all agents, they run the BBC for themselves, and rupert murdoch is their man who runs the press. Jill did say she had an avid admirer who was high in the police force, but she was a one man girl and laughed.

  3. Around the time of the Jill Dando murder, the young singer Charlotte Church was tipped off that she was being ripped off by her agent a Jew named Jonathan Shallit.
    After Charlotte examined her documents it turned out she like 3 others were being robbed by Shallit, Shallit explained he needed to make a substantial donation to Israel and Charlotte took legal action to regain her missing money.
    Shallit warned her that he would ruin her reputation. Shallit then went on the BBC to explain what a nice man he was on breakfast TV not once but over several mornings.
    Charlotte then had several daily newspapers rubbish her in which they suggested she was a drunk, promiscuous and a has-been.
    At one point when she got out of a taxi a man rushed at her and lifted up her skirt so a photographer sitting on the pavement could geta pic up her skirt.
    This vindicteness upset Charlotte her family and fans, that a very talented and beautiful girl could be treated this way by the Jews who run showbiz shocked us all

  4. My uncle was a teddy boy in the long jacket and tight trousers in the early sixties, and he said back then Jimmy Savile was well known as a ‘queer’.
    Savile would often be called out to when he was playing his music at dance halls, and Savile would have a couple of bouncers strong arm the lad outside and hold his arms behind his back as Savile hit him with his heavy gold rings on his fingers, and stub his cigar out on boys heads.
    My Uncle Harry tried to find out who Savile’s manager or agent was, but could never find out as he wanted to tip him off about Savile’s behaviour.
    Savile was born on halloween and he said that gave him a special link with the dead, we only found out what kind of a link in recent times, although the rumours were always there.
    But Mecca dance halls knew as they had documents on what he was and so did the BBC, whistleblowers have spoken out
    about Savile from day one yet it took that fantastic article on the Truthseeker website to tell the public the day after his death to kick things off.

  5. I agree with a lot if what is written but not all. My husband was given the all clear four days before a heart attack with a cardiac arrest so was my friend’s father who died. Not everything is suspicious. 
    Keep up the good work. Marion
    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  6. Apparently from the staement of one of the workers at the jersey care home, Jimmy saville was a regular visitor and often brought other VIPs with him to have sex with the kids, a woman cleaner known in early statements as “martha ” also said there were rumours of dead children buried in the grounds, this was denied ferociously at the time by the homes owners.
    She claimed those who spoke out were threatened to keep silent.
    It was Martha whose statements led the BBC to deny the care home was a haven for homosexuals

  7. Sadly I have to agree with Coleman that I did wonder about this when the news broke…and yeah, Marion, I had a close relative who died not long after apparently successful heart surgery, which was just very unfortunate ( another subject might be why they don’t publicise the ratio of strokes after such procedures, just the “success” stories- thus let people make informed decisions- but I digress)……. Not everything is non-suspicious either though and I was immediately suspicious of the news of this gentleman, Mike Smith’s. passing.

  8. hey marion windsor if that is true then sue your doctor for incompetence
    any alternative practitioner worth his salt would have spotted this

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