Robert-Charles Carwardine 28 July 11:00
The British government plans to strictly control the release of ‘establishment’ paedophile revelations over a period of several years in order to avoid mass civil unrest, according to a Westminster source.
It is further claimed that many cases will never be disclosed due to the severity of the offences that took place, and also the high profile status of those involved.
Even politicians such as Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson, who have pushed for transparency, are all too aware of the dangers that mass disclosure may bring.
A ‘total disclosure event’ would see citizens of the United Kingdom take to the streets in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as the extent of the crimes are revealed.
The offences include multiple child rape, child torture and the murder of children.
When the public accept that throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and into the 90’s, elected officials and other dignitaries in shocking numbers used their position and status to have sex with vulnerable children, a ‘critical mass mentality’ will have been achieved, and the state will not have the resources or the moral high ground available to quell societies anger
There is no sector of the ‘establishment’ that remains distant from the culture of paedophilia in and around the power bases of London. The royal family, government, security services, the police and the judiciary have all played their part in covering up a sickness that has plagued the country for decades.
The abuse of children by establishment paedophiles continues to this day, albeit on a lesser scale. The unaccountability of decades ago has been diluted by the information age.
Yet, powerful players in the corridors of power still have a vested interest in not only covering up the evil deeds of the past, but also indulging those who still engage in these heinous crimes.

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