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There has been an attempt to Gag our website by paedopiles in Scotland involved in the Hollie Greig case, desperate to silence the story, they brought our website down. We have now got it up but the host wanted the story Scotland Shame removed and 1,000 Jigsaw puzzle removed as well. 
So below is our response!!
Scotland’s Judicial SHAME – CORRUPT Justice Gagged 

Scotland’s Judicial SHAME – CORRUPT Justice


 Following a complaint to the hosting data-centre, this publication was forced to take down this article.
you can still read it, in full, HERE.

On a cold winter’s day on 12th February 2010, Robert Green, an Englishman from Warrington, Cheshire, was arrested for walking down a street in Aberdeen, Scotland, on his way to meet friends who were helping with his election campaign to become a member of parliament. A campaign which highlighted the abuse of Hollie Greig, a Downs Syndrome young woman raped in the first instance by her father from the age of 6. He then prostituted her to his paedophile cohorts who allegedly included Aberdeen Sheriff, Graham Buchanan.
Robert Green stood trial in a Stonehaven Court in Scotland on Monday, 16th January 2012 accused of breach of the peace. When he was arrested he was told he had broken an interdict (injunction). Paperwork proves the interdict was granted to Sheriff Buchanan on 11th February 2010. Unable to serve this interdict by Eclipse Services, Cheshire to Robert originally at home in Warrington, England (an interdict has to be given to the subject personally, wrongly they pushed it through the letterbox, later picked up by his son) on the 11th February. The police realised Robert had not been served with the interdict after they arrested him, thereby effecting a false arrest.
The same interdict was removed by Grampian Police when they entered Robert’s home, whilst Robert was in custody. The interdict was then served on Robert whilst in custody at Queens Street Police Station, Aberdeen. It was thought at the time that it was the Scottish Crown Office who issued the interdict, but it in actuality, it was Sheriff Graham Buchanan. Robert Green as convicted in a de facto court. He was denied a trial by jury, denied the right to present his witnesses in court and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment. His crime: intending to hand out his campaign leaflet which highlighted the injustice to Anne and Hollie Greig and asking for a public enquiry.

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