• I am afraid your story is at the very least a somewhat misleading portrayal of events that have recently taken place. Quite contrary to the likes of yourselves, Mr.Spivey appears to have gone to great lengths in order to gain a deep understanding of his chosen subject matter and in doing so has simply presented what amounts to be a multitude of glaring inconsistencies; he has done this for the benefit of the public.
    It is not really his problem if so called newspapers and outlets of information choose to ignore the reality of a whole plethora of media distortions and a twisted official narrative. As such, companies such as your own are the ones who are guilty of orchestrating a hate campaign against Mr.Spivey, and also against the rights of the British public to have the ability to make up their own minds about such things and by way of using a variety of sources. After all, not much of what you print is projected from first hand experience or your own acquired knowledge, is it? No, it is passed on from other media establishments in order to keep the same generalized flow of cleansed information reaching the eyes and ears of the public.
    For you to embark upon such a descriptive, although content lacking story is nothing more than a juvenile and not very well thought out attack on others so that you can appeal to the emotions of a knowledge lacking public.Therefore, it has to be appreciated that it is in your interests to keep your own and other readerships in such a weak mental position. Obviously this would lead to a continued reliance on the likes of you and similar others, which consequently has the dual purpose of having you make money from what are in effect, rather dump people.
    There could be several reasons why you would continue to perpetuate circumstances such as those we are referring to at the minute: 1- You are doing so to purposely present the information as scripted by the government in order to appeal to what you feel would be mass public opinion. This would then serve to make you appear as morally courageous. 2- You have been told to do so by forces as yet unseen or unknown to the public.
    Either way, you are a graphic representation of media induced bile, and it is your snippet snatching and malicious intent that is sickening. Mind you, at least you lead from the front and have the same reasoning and thought processes as those you wish to reach.

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        All that waffles changes nothing. Libellous and defamatory allegations were made regarding a ‘photoshopped’ wedding photo. These illegal allegations have been disproved.

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            Come on now Dave there is a lot more to Chris Spivey’s articles that this one photo. As Chris has said on many occasions they are perfectly within their rights to take legal action against him, makes you wonder why they have not really? Well actually it doesn’t because it’s pigging obvious why they haven’t. Try looking a little deeper Dave you might find a spelling mistake that you can pull him up on.

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                To be fair, a lot of Drummer Boy’s photos look ridiculously photoshopped. The one the media overuse, where he’s looking gormless in his red uniform is blatant photoshop. Some of the wedding pictures do look weird, as though the people have been pasted into the scene.

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