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One Month Old Baby Raped

One Month Old Baby Raped

Forget the Jeremy Clarkson nonsense. This really is something that we should all be outraged about. A one month old baby raped, battered, hospitalised and then suffered a heart attack as a result of its horrific injuries.
The baby was admitted to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, in the early hours of Thursday morning, with a broken collar-bone, a broken arm, both lungs punctured, every single rib  broken and internal sexual injuries suspected to have been caused by rape. The one month old baby girl (?) was then transferred to King’s College Hospital in South London after a cardiac arrest, as a result of its injuries and is now on a life support machine. A spokesman for the hospital has said :

These are the worst injuries the doctors and police have seen in someone so young. How the baby is alive is a miracle. He is still in a very serious condition and it’s touch and go whether he survives

North Kent police have said that a 35-year-old man was subsequently arrested, on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and rape, along with a 33-year-old woman. They were both from the Gravesend area and were detained in a North Kent police station. However, they have now been released on bail.
Released on bail?
WTF! A one month old baby has been raped!
Who is the 35-year-old man, that is walking free after raping a one month old baby? Is he the father or is he the boyfriend of the 33-year-old woman that has also been released on bail? Do we presume she is the mother? Someone, somewhere out there must know who these loathsome, disgusting and unbelievable evil people excuses for human beings are!
It’s time to name and shame.
If you are one of the hospital staff or police personnel or a social worker who have been dealing with this case; or you’re someone in the Gravesend area who knows what exactly has been going on and which person or persons is responsible for the rape and the horrific injuries callously inflicted upon a poor, defenseless one month old baby …. and don’t think the people responsible should be free to walk the streets …. then you know what to do.
Discretion and anonymity will, of course, be assured to anyone leaving details in the comments of this post or to me direct via email


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