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Set aside the sale of our home, and return it to the Armstrong family.

Why is this important?

A survivor of sexual abuse himself as a child when Terry discovered a paedophile in the extended family abusing a five year old little girl he lost control, reacted violently and assaulted him. The paedophile got legal aid and took Terry to court and won forcing the sale of the Armstrong home to cover his legal costs. 

The mortgage is with state owned Northern Rock Bad Bank (NRAM) who took advantage of the families situation to take illegal possession of their empty derelict home, Grove Mill Cottage, Hollingbourne, Kent.

NRAM only have security on the cottage but not on the adjoining garden land that isn't mortgaged and the Armstrong's still own. Please use this link to see a video of Terry camping in the back garden -
Northern Rock bank failed to exercise due diligence at the LRO when granting the mortgage in 2003 and only have security on the cottage itself while the family still own the garden land, mortgage free leaving the bank void of security. The Bank, NRAM now refuse to comply with Terry's 'Subject Access Request' that would serve to demonstrate their error because they want to cover up their incompetence and gross negligence.

Consumers need to protect their homes from illegal repossession by the banks not least state owned banks by supporting the Armstrong family in their struggle to return to their home. The bank rejected in writing Terry's offer to settle the mortgage account and sold off the cottage on the cheap to create a 'Fait acompli by arrangement' to Mr Lee Smith a director of Holtwood Developments Maidstone who was made aware of the unusual circumstances leading to the Armstrong family losing their home to a paedophile in advance of finalising the purchase of the Cottage.

Eviction from family homes destroys family life and devastates communities. When a family is evicted from their home they lose their identity and place in society. The family is separated and leads to hopelessness and desperation and can lead to suicide. Terry Armstrong himself suffered PTSD and tried to take his own life.

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  • joanna c. about a month ago
    If i was Terry i’d have done the same….probably gone a bit further and left the guy minus his hands and his dick. Well done Terry, hope you can keep your house x
  • paul w. about a month ago
    Because this is absolutly disgusting. Words fail me. The law has failed this family and protected an abuser!
  • barbara r. 2 months ago
    I’ve been persecuted by paedophile gangsters for years, they want me to shut up moaning about the abuse I suffered as a child in a Pindown childrens home in Staffordshire, Chadswell Assessment Centre, the BBC are involved in the persecution and cover up, they did a cover up documentary Care Home Kid that tried to make out there was no systematic abuse of children, knowing full well there was

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