22nd August 1983 – Press Council upholds complaint against The Sun by Sir Michael Havers re Geoffrey Prime and PIE
Press Council rulings
The Sun produced no evi-dence for its allegation that at the trial of the spy, Geoffrey Prime, the Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, held back mention of the accused man’s involvement with a child-sex organization to avoid embarrassing security chiefs, the council said in another ruling. The council upheld Sir Michael’s complaint that the editor refused to withdraw the false allegation and declared that the editor should either have substantiated it or have withdrawn it. The adjudication said in part: The Sun, has failed to produce any evidence at all that the Attorney General held back at the trial mention of a link between Mr Prime and the Paedophile Information Exchange to save embarrassing Britain’s security chiefs, or that angry Americans were convinced that he had done that. The published suggestion that they were so convinced was a serious and damaging one. The editor should either have substantiated it or withdrawn it. The complaint against The Sun is up held.

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