No Future For You

Christopher Spivey

It really is quite obvious who the ‘wrong uns’ are.
In fact a quick scout through the latest news should tell you all you that you need to know.
For instance the BBC have been running a series of articles by a former member of the Men in Tights who alleges that he was stopped from investigating allegations of child abuse at the Kincora Childrens Home in Northern Ireland – which of course is part of the UK:

A former army intelligence officer has said he was ordered to stop investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at a boys’ home in the 1970s.

Brian Gemmell said a senior MI5 officer told him to stop looking into claims of abuse at Kincora Boys’ Home in east Belfast.
He said he presented a report on the allegations to the officer in 1975.
In 1981, three senior care staff at the home were jailed for abusing 11 boys.
Kincora Boys Home
PHOTO: The Kincora Boys Home
Course, just like it has always been, the big players in this scandal were protected and got away with raping, torturing and even killing children, scot-free.
Now, one of those major players to escape justice was the foul nonce cunt Lord Louis Mountbatten… Favorite uncle to the Royal Ponces.
Never the less, despite knowing what a sick cunt Lord Mountanything was, he was given a State Funeral which took place on 5 September 1979, at Westminster Abbey.
The funeral was attended by the Queer & the Duck, other assorted oddities of the British Royal Family and members of the other sick & twisted European royal houses.
Why? Because the inbreeds are all nonces too.
Indeed, Mountanything was the Duck of Edinburgh’s uncle, who was charged with bringing the apprentice nonce, Philip up after his bi-sexual father fucked off with a young bit of skirt following his mothers rapid decline into madness.

Now, it is common knowledge that Mountanything – boyfriend of Edward VIII – and his brother George Mountanything had a field day with young Philip.
Course, the Mountanythings were like their young Nephew Philip, Nazi-sympathizers through and through.
Indeed, there is no escaping the fact that all three of Philips sisters married high ranking Nazi’s crucial to the German war machine.
And how did Philip repay them for buggering him senseless?
He gave uncle Louie charge of the young Prince Bigears.
You can read about Mountbatten’s involvement with the Kincora Boys Home in my article ‘Who Killed Mountbatten’ by clicking HERE

Indeed, the Authors of the controversial book ‘The War of the Windsor’s’ which was serialized in the Daily Mail state:
Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname “Dickie” …and for good reason. Philip’s uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class Indian peasant boys”.
And an excellent website, dedicated to exposing the Royal Family http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/index.html, have this to say about a book written on that paedophile ring entitled ‘The Kincora Scandal’:
“The Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse”.
The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers made up of Royals, Politicians, lawyers, and Judges. However, Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip’s paedophile uncle was killed by  an IRA bomb planted in his boat”.

Yet have the royal inbreeds who, as my friend John Martin is quick to point out; are not Royal at all, been questioned by the police about their links to kiddie fiddling?
Have they fuck, despite Mountbatten being the fella who introduced the Duck to Jimmy Savile who in turn introduced the twisted deejay to his son Bigears.

I only added the above photo for the Odd Bod Plod Squad’s benefit because for some unknown reason they had a copy of it which they asked me about whilst questioning me on their ludicrous, non-existent harassment charge.
I mean, it has been my header photo on my Christopher D Spivey page for over 6 months, so why had they taken a copy to bring up in interview… If I wasn’t so trusting I would think that the corrupt cunts are determined to try and stitch me up.
And just to clarify John Martins point about the royal ponces having no claim to the throne – not that anyone should in this day and age – John maintains that the real ‘Stone of Destiny’ AKA the Stone of Scone used in the Queer of England’s coronation was a fake and as such Sweaty Betty has no claim to the throne whatsoever.
Interestingly enough, the odious Scottish first minister Alex Fish Salmon concurs that the rock is a mock – as do many others:
THE First Minister has made the astonishing claim that the Stone of Destiny is a medieval fake.
Scotland’s iconic coronation stone has been seen by tens of thousands of people since it was returned from Westminster Abbey to Edinburgh Castle in 1996.  Source
Moreover, if given enough exposure some claim that this fake stone malarkey is enough to bring the house of cards tumbling down:

The Stone of Destiny… Could End the New World Order

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/07/2009 – 1:30pm.

Recently, a man named Anthony John Hill was arrested and is now being corruptly and forcefully extradited to nazi-London where He will stand trial for the heinous crime of:  sending a DVD to a courthouse.
As with ALL governments, the British establishment has a long, extensive, and documented history of silencing and imprisoning people who had damaging information to the State’s (evil) interests.  Mr. Hill is their next target because of what He knows and what He is telling people and how irrefutably damaging it is to the corruption at the top. 
First they tried to stone-wall Him, and when people were too hungry for His knowledge, THEY (the slime in ALL high positions) decided it would be best to arrest Him in order to try and force His silence.  Obviously that didn’t work, as His video, about what really happened with the London tube-train bombings, called “7/7 Ripple Effect“, has had a huge upswing in interest.
Few people outside of Britain and Ireland have ever heard of The Stone of Destiny let alone the amazing 4,000 year history behind it. Even smaller numbers have ever stumbled across the Truth of the real Stone’s current state or location and why the covered-up facts and fake stones floating around are of such great importance in the now very near future. The ramifications of acting on this information could and will be astounding if people do so in mass..
The Stone of Destiny…
Also known as: The Lia Fail, Stone of Scone, Jacob’s Pillar/Pillow, David’s Throne, Bethel Stone, etc”


PHOTO: The fake stone
But in the meantime  keep waving your silly plastic flags at them as they continue to leech off you, ya fucking half witted imbeciles.
Course, it isn’t just the royal parasites who are corrupt nonces.
I mean, as most of you already know, the House of Conmans & the House of Gaylords is infested with vile child rapists and has been that way certainly ever since Winston Churchill’s government.
No surprise then that these nonce infested cabinet offices make up what is called ‘Her Majesty’s Government’.
Indeed, Sweaty Betty has personally elevated a host of dangerous paedophiles into the higher echelons of the British Establishment by making them Knight’s of her Realm.
The following is a list of just a few of those people who have later been accused of – or confirmed as being – dangerous paedophiles.
Sir Cyril Smith MBE
Sir Rolf Harris CBE
Sir Jimmy Savile OBE
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber CBE
Sir Cliff Richard OBE
Sir Stewart Hall OBE
Sir George W Bush GCB
Sir Ted Heath MBE
Sir Peter Morrison PC
Sir Kenneth Clarke PC
Yet the TV program ‘Dispatches’  aired by Channel Four on Thursday 12 September 2013, informed us that Her Majesty’s security services, namely MI5, vets her Knight’s before they are knighted.
Indeed, Winston Churchill himself – also given a state funeral – was reported to be a kiddie fiddling monster.
Moreover, according to the Hallett Report 3, old Winnie the poo was Bizzy Lizzie’s real old man:
King George VI had an IQ of 67, which is one point above retarded. He had knocked knees, he had a terrible stutter and he didn’t have an attention span long enough to be photographed, he just wandered off . . . So there is a movie made about that recently called ‘The King’s Speech’ which is a bunch of propaganda how he was an E for ‘Achievement’ and an A for ‘Try Hard’.
So he had a child with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the person called Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and that was a boy, and that boy was epileptic and was left to die on the gurney. So it became a question whether they could allow King George VI, the person who was to become King George VI, to sire another child. So he was replaced in favor of Winston Churchill, and Winston Churchill had been the Home Secretary, and he was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII, which meant that he still had royal blood and he was young enough to sire Source
Course, madness from centuries of inbreeding runs in the family. I am of course talking about the Ducks Mother, Slack Alice & Sweaty Betty’s two mentally retarded 1st cousins who were locked away in mental homes; neither of whom ever received a penny for their upkeep off multi-billonaire Cousin Bizzy.
I did in fact write quite extensively about this madness in an article in which many sources were quoted:
However, the more modern day Royal family tend to do what all Monsters do with their mad relations: Lock them away and pretend they don’t exist.
That is what happened with the Queen’s first cousins,Nerissa and Katherine, who were both nieces of the Queer Mother:
The Queen’s  cousin Nerissa was 22 and the Queen’s look-alike  cousin Katherine was 15 when they were sent to the grim Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital.  Both were severely handicapped and virtually unable to speak. They were said to have a mental age of six.
Cousin Nerissa is now deceased but cousin Katherine, aged 86, is still alive as of 2012, although severely mentally retarded. She is neglected and never visited.
Burke’s Peerage which records the “who’s who” lineage of the British aristocracy, recorded false information that the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth II died in 1940 and 1961. 
Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny on cousin Nerissa’s burial. Nerissa was buried like a pauper in an unceremonious grave marked by a 6-inch-high plastic tag bearing a serial number and the name ”Bowes-Lyon”.
Cousin Katherine who spent decades in the Royal Earlswood Asylum, was moved to Ketwin House for the mentally disabled. Following allegations that male staff members were washing female patients, Ketwin House was forced to shut down. Witnesses found bruises on Katherine’s hand and hip.
Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny to keep her cousin Katherine at Ketwin House. The cost ? About 770 pounds per patient per year. According to a former staff member, Katherine is alert, understands what she’s being told and communicates by pointing and smiling. Not one member of the Royal family has visited her in 60 years.
It turns out that the Queen’s mother also had cousins who were locked away in the same mental institution on the same day in 1941 as Nerissa and Katherine.
An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to family members with “embarrassing” problems like mental illness and epilepsy is nothing new in the royal household.
In 1905, George V(Of family name change fame) and Queen Mary had a son, Prince John. Until the age of four, Prince John was just as much in the spotlight then as Prince William was in 1986 at the age of four.
When Prince John suffered his first epileptic fit, his royal parents excluded him from official family photographs.He wasn’t even allowed to attend his own father’s coronation as King of England in 1911. In 1917, the King hid his epileptic son by sending him to die in an isolated farmhouse. John never saw his parents again. He died two years later – reportedly in his sleep.
Another propaganda Oscar winner, The Kings’ Speech, focused on the Queen’s father and his speech impediment. There was no mention in the movie that the cause may have been from generations of royal inbreeding.
Monarchy blockbusters are designed to sell the image of the filthy rich royals as sensitive, caring, human and deserving of adoration and taxpayer support. No one would dare make a Hollywood movie about the King’s nazi brother, Edward VIII who abdicated.
Alice Battenberg was the mother of the Queen’s husband – Prince Philip. Alice was near deaf and a religious zealot. As the years went by, she began to have visions that she was Christ’s bride. She was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to an asylum by force in 1930. Alice is Prince William’s great grandmother.

Boy that shower of shit really know how to take the piss.
Incidentally am I alone in thinking that the queer mother is almost squeezing Sweaty’s undeveloped breast in that photo.
Now as you have just read, Nerissa died a good while back but as it happens, Katherines miserable life only finally came to an end in February 2014… Less than 6 months ago.
They certainly kept that fucking quiet didn’t they:
 A COUSIN of the Queen who spent 55 years of her life being cared for at the Royal Earlswood Hospital, in Redhill, has died.
Katherine Bowes-Lyon died, aged 87, on February 23. A private family funeral was held.
It is believed Miss Bowes-Lyon lived at a care home in Surrey since the closure of the Royal Earlswood Hospital in 1997.
She began her residency at the hospital – now converted to luxury apartments – in 1941, when she was 14.  Read More
Naturally, and as you would expect from the scum, not one of the evil bastards attended the funeral.
However, just 6 months ago Sweaty attended the funeral of her 1st cousin, Lady Mary Clayton… Then again, she wasn;t a source of embarrassment to her:
On Friday afternoon, the Royal Family attended the funeral of Her Majesty’s cousin, Lady Mary Clayton, in the Royal Chapel of All Saints, Windsor Great Park.
Born Mary Cecilia Leveson-Gower on 12th December 1917, Lady Mary was the daughter of Lady Rose Bowes-Lyon and her husband, William, 4th Earl of Granville. Mary’s mother was the elder sister of The Queen Mother, and served as godmother to Princess Margaret. This made Mary a first cousin to Queen Elizabeth, who is nine years her junior.  Continue Reading
Are any of you embarrassed by your mentally disabled relatives?
♫ God save our GRACIOUS? queen
Long live our NOBLE? Queen! ♫
♫ God save the Queen! 
Send her victorious, ♫ 
Long to reign over us, ♫
♫ God save the Queen.
She makes you proud to be fucking British, doesn’t she not.
Another fact that many do not know about the royal inbreeds is that The Ducks mother was also a victim of the birth defects commonly resulting from the consequences of the old traditional family incest.
Indeed, Princess Alice of Battenberg was totally off her fucking rocker.
The sad, bad, mad, Sunday Spiv – The midweek edition
Moreover, as a direct result of Slack Alice being looney tunes, The Duck was left in the care of his nonce cunt uncles George & Louie Mountlittleboys:
She was born Princess Alice of Battenberg in 1885 at Windsor Castle, a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and raised as an English princess, although both her parents were German.
Alice was congenitally deaf but she could speak clearly. Photographs show how beautiful she was, with her upswept hair and lace gowns.
By 1930 she was hearing voices and believed she was having physical relationships with Jesus and other religious figures.
She was diagnosed as schizophrenic, and when treatment in a Berlin clinic failed – on the advice of Sigmund Freud her womb was blasted with X-rays to cure her of frustrated sexual desires – she was admitted to a Swiss sanatorium.
On the day she left, the nine-year-old Prince Philip was taken out by his grandmother for a picnic. When he returned, his mother had gone. ‘It was literally a car and men in white coats, coming to take her away,’ explains Alice’s biographer Hugo Vickers.
She remained a prisoner there for two and a half years. ‘It was rather hushed up,’ explains Alice’s niece Countess Mountbatten, 88. ‘I think my aunt would have suffered very much.’ 
Although the couple never divorced, Alice was effectively abandoned by her playboy husband Prince Andrew, who went to live on the French Riviera with his mistress.
Prince Philip was now homeless, spending boarding school holidays with various relatives, including his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, father of Countess Mountbatten. She recalls that when Philip visited them one Christmas, he signed his name in the visitors’ book and gave his address as ‘no fixed abode’.  
Shortly before Alice died in 1969, she wrote to her only son, whose childhood had been so scarred by her absence… Source
Now as I said earlier, Winston Churchill has been publicly named as being a paedophile as was his good friend, the now disgraced, deceased Lord Robert Boothby. He most certanly was a dangerous predatory paedophile.
Moreover, there is little or no doubt that they both had a bit of the Queen Mother who is also named by the film-maker Bill Maloney as being a paedophile. Source
We were involved in and spoke at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse in Trafalgar Square last Saturday (7 Aug 2010). Filmmaker and child abuse survivor Bill Maloney opened the Rally with a rousing speech in which he committed treason under Nelson’s column declaring that the Queen Mother was a paedophile. Diana had apparently declared to a close friend that she was evil. Her footman, who had previously been a butler to the Queen, was a convicted child sex offender who used to groom his victims by taking them to parties with the Queen Mother at Clarence House – Spokes person for UKRACA
Indeed, so sordid are the royal inbreeds that the paternity of Princess Andrew & Prince Edache has been called into question many times, as I documented in my article Monsters Inc:
Prince Andrew’s parentage was called into question shortly after his birth and the murmurings have gained momentum ever since by sly digs in the media such as this one from the Telegraph:
There are those who persist in believing that Prince Andrew’s natural father was the Queen’s racing manager, Henry Porchester, “Porchey”, 7th Earl of Carnarvon, suggesting the conception occurred at some point between 20 January and 30 April 1959 when Philip was away on another of his long sea voyages in the Britannia”.

In 1993 The New York Times Magazine exposed the Queen’s penchant for sleeping with her underlings in an article quoting the columnist Nigel Dempster telling the author Christopher Hitchens, ‘Get hold of a picture of Prince Andrew and then one of Lord Porchester at the same age. You’ll see that Prince Philip could never have been Andy’s father’.
Tellingly, The Queen did not dare challenge the article. She did however use the tax payer’s money to increase the budget for the Buckingham Palace Press Office – the outfit set up decades ago to buy the silence of media owners and editors.
Coincidentally enough, or perhaps as fate would have it, as I was searching for a photograph of  the Queen and Lord Porchester in each others company, I came across an article in today’s Telegraph newspaper (6/7/12) from which the following extract is taken:
Euston headed the list of well-born “flirts” that Elizabeth and her friends used to joke about, which also included Lords Porchester and Plunket, among others. Unlike her fun-loving younger sister, Margaret, Elizabeth was painfully shy and cautious and solemn in her demeanour, albeit still attractive. At parties she could appear something of a wallflower. However, at nightclubs – such as the 400 Club in Leicester Square, where there was a band for dancing, or the nearby Café de Paris, before it was bombed – she could be squired by young men she liked, away from prying eyes.
“She clearly found Hugh Euston, Porchey [Lord Porchester] and Lord Plunket sexually attractive,” recalled a lady-in-waiting to the Telegraph journalist and author Graham Turner, “and they would get the come-hither looks, a fluttering of the eyelashes. You can’t have much going on between you in a Viennese waltz, but there’s the look, the pressure of the hand and, in those days, it wasn’t so commonplace to want the next thing.”

Moreover, according to royal researcher Jim Hutchinson, State Papers released in 2009 confirm that in 1959, the [pregnant] Queen and the question as to who her – as yet unborn – baby’s father was likely to be, was discussed in Cabinet on three occasions. The details of the first of these discussions had been stamped ‘Not to be seen for 50 years’. That is 20 years longer than the standard 30 year rule. The details of the other two discussions have been stamped ‘Not to be seen for 100 years’.
Four years after Randy Andy’s birth, Prince Ed the Ball was born and just like his older brother, it wasn’t long before his parentage became gossip for the press. However, in Edwards’s case the man being touted as his Father wasn’t the womanising Lord Porchester, it was in fact a chap named Baron Patrick Plunkett.

Now, whilst the evidence for Pluckett being Edwards Father isn’t as compelling as that for Porchester being Princess Andrew’s Father, it would tie in with the much repeated claim that after the birth of Princess Anne, Bizzy Lizzy refused to have Phillip in her bed.
This claim was repeated in a book written by Nicholas Davies and revealed “a shocking world of royal adultery, passion and betrayal”
The book stated – as fact, not surmise – that the Duke of Edinburgh’s liaisons with his cousin, Princess Alexandra and the film star Merle Oberon, not to mention his former Daughter in Laws mother, Susan Barrantes (among others!)- as the reason “why the Queen banned her husband from her bed”.
More damming still, the Telegraph reported in an article on the 5th of September 2004, about how Phillip  had sat “impassively, incensed but silent” when a Journalist from a “Sunday broadsheet” had suggested to the Duke that he might have a raft of illegitimate children and had enjoyed a homosexual liaison with Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the former President of France.

Okay, lets get back to the nonce filled government and as I say, this den of thieves has been infestation with paedophiles since at least the Churchill government.
Indeed, when Boothby – a TORY politician – was linked in the press to gangster Ronald Kray (who was believed to be blackmailing the Lord having had him filmed raping children), in the early 1960′s, the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson – a LABOUR politician – intervened in the crisis.
You see, in a nutshell Wilson ordered his ‘Mr Fixit’ Arnold Goodman to represent Tory MP Boothby in his libel case against the Sunday Mirror who had printed the story.
The Sunday Mirror wobbled and decided to settle out of court despite having not named either Boothby or Kray.
In fact, a bit like the payouts made by the BBC and ITV to Lord Nonce McAlpine for not naming him as a paedophile in 2012.
Indeed, it later emerged that the reason that the men were not named in the Sunday Mirror, was that the newspapers owner, Cecil King had refused permission for the editor to do this .
And interestingly enough, in 1968 Cecil King had become involved with MI5 boss, Peter Wright  in a plot to bring down the Wilson government  and replace it with a coalition led by Lord Mountbatten.
Never the less, Boothby received  £40,000 (£660000 at today’s prices) in compensation from the newspaper and the Editor was sacked.
However, history has revealed that the headline was only the very tip of the iceberg and Boothby was up to his neck in the perverted cesspit.
Indeed, the bottom line is that Kray was providing Boothby with underage boys to have sex with.
He was also taking Boothby to perverted paedophile sex parties.
This is evidenced in the following extract written by John Pearson, the Kray’s Biographer, who gives us a little insight as to what Boothby got up to at these ‘parties’:
“As well as boys there were East End orgies and sex shows involving criminals. One account described Boothby lying under a glass-topped table while boys were made to defecate above him. Another described him sitting naked in a room with a number of criminals and boys around him, and “love beads” protruding from his anus”.
Following the perverted Wilson Government, the country had to endure – through their own choice I hasten to add – the sick cunt Edward Heath and his nonce infested government.
Heath was indeed, in a class of his own when it came down to depravity:
Barrister Michael Shrimpton blows the whistle on paedophiles in high places. In particular, he names former Prime Minister Edward Heath as a serial paedophile who took young boys onto his yacht, Morning Cloud, to be buggered and then killed.
These unfortunate victims never returned to Jersey, but their bodies were thrown overboard. In this case I have used a video that I have many doubts about but there are some truths in it.
The stories about Ted Heath and Savile are true but where Shrimpton states that WE are the good guys and the GERMANS are the bad guys is of course bollocks. There is no such thing as “good” secret services, “good” statutory enforcement, or indeed “good” government. All those things oppress people, steal happiness from people and kill people.
The British and Jersey governments have covered up the atrocities on the Island of Jersey. Evidence has been destroyed and witnesses murdered. Some of the perpetrators will get away with their crimes, some already have, and many will die before being brought to justice. Source

And of course, Deadwood Heath was also a visitor to the Kincora Boys Home:
Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath, a yachting enthusiast, was also a visitor at Kincora Boy’s Home and it’s claimed that Savile supplied him with victims from Haute de la Garenne in Jersey to misuse aboard his boat.
Another of Savile’s close friends, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, often played host to him at Chequers and her successors, Major, Blair and Brown were all “fans” deaf to the ‘open secret’ which everyone knew.
Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, friend of the billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, sent Christmas cards to Savile right up until he died and Charles led the tributes after his death in 2011 saying, how “saddened” he was… the Prince has not issued a statement about his sadness over the allegations…
(Source – infounderground.com)

And of course, the tradition of paedo Prime ministers continued with Slaggy Thatcher who used to like spending Christmas and New Year with Savile and Nonce McAlpine.
Thatcher was also given a state funeral… There is a pattern opening up here.
Never the less, now the Satanic old bitch is dead the truth is slowly emerging in the MSM about her and her paedophile cabinet.
Course, we here in the AM were reporting all that is now emerging years ago.
Sadly, until it is reported in the MSM most people do not want to know and indeed until that time comes we who do name these monsters are publicly ridiculed.
A prime example of this would be when Jimmy Jones named Sir Peter Morrisson in November 2012 on Channel 4 News and was indeed slaughtered for doing so by many people, including supposed CSA advocates who were and still are claiming to be fighting for the survivors.
Moreover, two of Thatchers golden boys were David Cameron and his very good friend, the dangerous predatory paedophile Derek Laud.
The following is what I wrote in my article Camerons Closet:
I think we all know by now that he was good friends with the extremely dangerous, predatory paedophile Derek Laud. Why Cameron is now trying to distance himself from the scumbag is anyone’s guess… Not a very hard guess, but a fucking guess all the same.
Fuck me, Laudy boy, the vile child rapist and in all likely hood child murderer, even paid for Scameron to go on a Junket to South Africa in 1989:
In April 2009, The Independent reported that in 1989, while Nelson Mandela remained imprisoned under the apartheid régime, David Cameron had accepted a trip to South Africa paid for by an anti-sanctions lobby firm.
A spokesperson for Cameron responded by saying that the Conservative Party was at that time opposed to sanctions against South Africa and that his trip was a fact-finding mission.
However, the newspaper reported that Cameron’s then superior at Conservative Research Department called the trip “jolly”, saying that “it was all terribly relaxed, just a little treat, a perk of the job. The Botha regime was attempting to make itself look less horrible, but I don’t regard it as having been of the faintest political consequence.”
Cameron distanced himself from his party’s history of opposing sanctions against the regime. He was criticised by Labour MP Peter Hain, himself an anti-apartheid campaigner. Source Wikipedia
Course, if accepting a freebie holiday from a paedophile who was, and no doubt still is, so violent and sadistic that many of his young victims ended up in hospital with internal injuries wasn’t bad enough; Slaggy Thatcher also had an illegal motive for letting Cameron go. The following is from the Eyre International website:
The trip by Mr. Cameron in 1989, when he was a rising star of the Conservative Research Department, was a chance for him to “see for himself” and was funded by a firm that lobbied against the imposition of sanctions on the apartheid regime.
What they did not reveal was that this trip (where he was accompanied by Sir Ken Warren) was to purchase three highly illegal nuclear bombs that had been produced by the RSA & Israel and have them shipped to Oman where they were stored in an insecure compound pending possible use against Iraq during the early stages of that conflict.
This extremely fraudulent deal not only misused “British Taxpayers Money” but also managed to siphon off another £17.8 million that went straight into the Tory Party Election Fund.
It was also fact that these same three nukes were re-stolen by the same fraudulent arms dealer (John Bredenkamp) who then sold them on the black market.
Read More
So, not only does Cameron accept an all expenses paid holiday to apartheid South Africa from a predatory paedophile, he also uses that holiday to illegally buy nuclear bombs which are later ‘stolen’, never to be seen again… Extremely worrying.
But, forget that – he has – the question that we all should be asking ourselves is: Why would a man who has fathered 4 children want to protect paedophiles?
Read more
And indeed, protect paedophiles he does.
Remember, he promised to look into a paedophile ring operating out of Number 10 in late 2012, yet have we heard anymore?
Have we fuck… Yet we here in the AM have known about that nonce ring for years.
And since we haven’t heard anymore, then neither should the fact that time and time again Cameron’s advisers are being exposed as nonces come as any surprise to anyone:
The bloke who encouraged Prime Minister David Cameron to censor the internet to protect kids from evil paedophiles has been arrested on child pornography charges.
Patrick Rock has been closely involved in drawing up Government policy on internet porn filters. It seems that while he was filling David’s head with the terrors of paedophiles he was at the centre of a police probe over images of child abuse.
Detectives from the National Crime Agency even searched No 10 and examined IT systems and offices used by Rock who was the deputy director of the Downing Street policy unit.
According to the Daily Mail,  Rock was a protégé of Margaret Thatcher and has held a series of senior posts in the Conservative Party and was described as Cameron’s ‘policy fixer’. He was about to be rewarded with a Conservative peerage.
Read more
So, Rock was a protégé of Margaret Thatcher was he?
It really does get too easy don’t cha know.
Which brings me nicely to yesterdays article in the Chimp.
You see it has just been revealed that a government IT expert was caught with 400 child porn photos on his computer:

Government IT expert is caught with child porn stash… but why did Downing Street keep it secret for six months?

A former Cabinet Office digital expert is facing jail after being caught with a huge stash of nearly 400 child porn images.
Sebastian Crump amassed depraved images of child abuse while working as digital communications manager advising the Government on its own website.
Now questions are being asked about why it took six months to emerge that a government official had been arrested over child pornography allegations. Source
Hmmm, I really don’t think that I need to answer the Chimps question in the above headline.
After all, the answer is glaringly fucking obvious.
The vile arsewipes look after their own which would be fine if they were men of honour.
But they are not – far from it in fact.
Indeed they are nothing other than egotistical, twisted, corrupt, kiddie fiddling gangsters.
I mean, how can it be that I am arrested, named and made out to be a “crackpot” in the national press for at worst, voicing my opinion on my own website, whilst in the same week, two thieving Councillors, found guilty in court of not paying their council tax cannot be named because it would distress them to do so:
Two councillors who failed to pay their council tax have been granted anonymity – because naming and shaming them in court would violate their human rights.
The pair owe a total of £4,660 but a senior judge said unmasking them risks causing ‘unnecessary and unjustified damage and distress’.
Campaigners yesterday condemned the ruling as evidence of a worrying culture of secrecy – saying the public must know the identity of elected politicians who don’t pay the tax they help to set.
Now you tell me how that can be right?
At what fucking point did the bad guys become the good guys and vice versa?
These evil cunts all have to go… Or do you all really care so little for your children and grandchildren.
I know which side of the line I stand… Just sayin’.

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