And now they show their hand.

Christopher Spivey

There follows a piece written by my very good friend FTS, which he actually wrote for my Facebook page but which I consider is worthy of a wider viewing.
The content is self explanatory and is in regard to last weeks nonsense which as you know was brought about by those who wish to suppress the truth.
However, before reading that I have a few matters that need taking care of.
You see, those corrupt bastards are now upping the anti in their quest to try and crush me.
This latest development came in the form of social workers knocking on my door following a “referral” by the police, who apparently told them that Stacey’s bedroom was messy and Clayton had dirty sheets on his cot.

Strange then that those sheets were clean on that day and the bedroom was messy because the thug cunts did a fingertip search of the fucking room.
Now I agree that the walls appear dirty in the shadows cast by the light bulb in the room but this is due to the damp which I have repeatedly made the Housing Association aware of.
Needless to say, I refused to let the social worker in or answer any of her questions although I had Clay in my arms throughout, but you just know that they are going to be back.
And obviously Stacey is also understandably shitting herself that they are going to take Clay off her despite me pointing out to the social worker that he has only been to the doctors once in his life and that was for constipation.
Moreover, he had his 9 month assessment just 3 months ago where there were no concerns WHATSOEVER from the health visitor.
And since it is hot Clay was just in his nappy so the social worker was able to see that there was no bruising on him and that he is developing normally… both facts that I made her aware of.
Course, logic dictates that since I brought Stacey up on my own from the age of 6months with only 2 trips to casualty in her life – once for dropping a pot toothbrush holder on her foot and once for cutting her knee on a nail – no one can accuse me of not knowing how to rear a child.
Moreover, Stacey has never been in trouble with the police and never been linked to drugs and alcohol.
Therefore you can only conclude that in sending the social workers round the snide cunts have made their intention quite clear if I do not toe the line… This is what this country has now come to and people you best fucking back me now because I have stuck my fucking neck out good and proper for you.
However, I do not doubt for a second that you will and I will elaborate on this shortly.
Now, as you know, I was arrested on SUSPICION of harassment last week by four clowns in riot gear, beating the hell out of my door at half past one in the morning.
Quite how you can be arrested on suspicion of harassment is beyond me.
After all, you have either harassed someone or you haven’t.
I mean, surely if someone puts a complaint of harassment into the police, they have to show how they have been harassed.
Never the less, there is never any justification for arresting ANYONE  for the petty offence of harassment – suspected or not – at that silly time of the morning and then proceed to conduct an illegal search and seizure when there is a one year old baby on the property.
Harassment carries a maximum 6 months imprisonment… It is a misdemeanor which requires two warnings before the plod can take action.
Now, I haven’t had a single warning.
Moreover, I have never contacted the people in question or asked anyone else to do so.
Neither have I been ordered to take down any of my articles, so it cannot be those that the 4 goonies were referring to in this suspected harassment case.
After all, if it was then by keeping the articles up I would surely be guilty of continued harassment wouldn’t I?
Course, the two CID mushes who interviewed me hours after the event, kept referring to my Facebook page.
Yet I only post a link to my articles on there, along with the very occasional status and since the articles cannot possibly be the source of harassment and the very occasional status not being relevant then I fail to see how I can be even SUSPECTED of the crime, let alone guilty.
Moreover, because of my articles about Woolwich, my Facebook page has incurred at least 300 complaints, yet the only thing ever removed by Facebook from that page is a photo of William Hague with a dick on his head… That I didn’t even fucking post!
And even then I thought that Facebook were harsh in removing it since as dickheads go, the snide, bald headed cunt is in the premier league.
Never the less, since Facebook do not tolerate harassment then I cannot be guilty of harassing anyone on Facebook..
Course, that didn’t stop 4 thugs illegally entering my property, whilst being extremely provocative and aggressive towards myself, my 18 year old daughter and her 2 friends who later arrived to sit with her.
Neither can there be any justification for carrying out a fingertip search of my daughters bedroom where my 1 year old grandson was asleep in his cot, when none of the four dirtbag lowlife cunts masquerading as policemen so much as set foot in my bedroom.
Indeed, I believe that under article 10, my human rights were breached.
Course, you need to ask yourself: If you can be arrested by four thugs at 1.30 AM and then have your property seized just for being suspected of a petty crime, then why the need for search warrants at all?
Think about it?
I was arrested and my property searched and seized in the middle of the night for a misdemeanor all done without an arrest or search warrant.
So if they can do that, there is no need for search warrants anymore.
Moreover it would appear that you can also be arrested for doing nothing more than refusing to let the police come in and seize your property, when SUSPECTED of a MINOR crime despite the police failing to follow proper procedure.
Fuck me people, you want to start worrying.
So here is the deal, I have already put in a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is of course about as independent as a new born baby.
Therefore, I do not expect any joy there.
So, I am looking to sue the corrupt cunts in the most public way possible so as maximum publicity is drawn to both the Woolwich fraud and the lengths that the authorities will go to in order to stop the truth getting out.
Now to do so I need someone who knows the law inside out and who is not afraid to stand up to the system.
However, I am literally drowning in work and problems at the moment so I need someone with initiative who can get the ball rolling by filling in the relevant forms etc, so as all I have to do is turn up in court… Although obviously I want to be kept up to date.
Now, I do already have a couple of people who have very kindly offered, indeed even relish the challenge although I have not yet had any discussion with them.
However, it could be a case that maybe 2, 3 or even 4 people could come together to form a team… But that is obviously just a suggestion which I will play by ear.
The important thing is that the job is done right because I believe we now have a real opportunity to do TPTB some real damage… However, do it wrong and I lose everything.
Therefore competence is absolutely paramount.
I am not interested in big payouts, this is purely about standing up and being counted… I want my stolen computers back too of course… And it goes without saying a whole heap of shit piled on the doorstep of those responsible from the lowest to the highest.
That then, is my plan and if you think that you are up to the job, then please do not hesitate to get in touch ASAP, preferably on Skype at chris.spivey36
Now, in regard to the support that you have already given me I have to say that it has been absolutely fucking phenomenal… It really, really has.
It is in fact fair to say that it has taken me completely by surprise and I do not say that lightly.
Indeed, I have no doubt whatsoever that my Facebook, Twitter and Emails are all under constant surveillance and those doing the monitoring must fucking dread reporting back to their bosses.
There have been literally hundreds upon hundreds of inbox messages, emails, friend requests and supportive comments, many, many from people who have never even heard of me until last week… Dog bless the fucking lot of you.
Neither can I thank my team enough along with all the others who leapt into action to make sure that Stacey and Clayton were safe… I will not forget it.
Especially Wolfie, Lisa and Dogman who Stacey told me was all but sat in his car ready to make the 3 to 4 hour journey to Essex to make sure that they were looked after.
This then is what being human is really all about – helping and looking out for one another.
Indeed, the complete opposite of what the evil, greedy, corrupt, nonce ponce, egotistical arsewipes in power have in mind.
They really are on a par with shit on your timberland boots.
Never the less, this friendship, help and support has in all honesty given me a renewed sense of hope for the future.
Thank you all, very, very much… Lets go to war.
After you have read FTS’s excellent piece first of course…

Tad Longer than usual on here: I have not posted for a few days, and I have faith in you.

What an eventful week we have experienced on our lovely and very forthright site. Sure, you can get the news from the presenters who masquerade as journalists, but to become part of it must also be a commendable achievement.
It is a very interesting position to be in the headlines. I think that Chris will be torn between an increase in his profile, and therefore, the issues he is highlighting, and the obvious bias and misrepresentation that is on display for all to see from these supposedly reliable, and notable sources.
The apparent ease with which not quite correct articles can be passed from pillar to post between the MSM and then sold to the public as factual, is more than a little disconcerting. Despite the persistent anomalies, the actual storyline was far from scathing; which appears to be something of a retreat from the previous mentions. This was also noticed by many of you and alluded to in comments both here, and on the main site.
Where do we stand in light of all of this attention, and what can be done to capitalise on it?
Thankfully, the most important requirements are already in place. Chris is safe and has already spoken about the lengths that he has had to go to in order to protect the security of Stacey and Clayton: He should not have been forced into this situation in a free and fair society, but we all understand that such a place is not where we are residing, and that there is no point in anyone from any background attempting to state anything to the contrary, to us.
The articles in the MSM also failed to present links to any of their allegations, which would have allowed any interested parties to weigh up and acknowledge the quality evidence gathering that had been employed by Chris, so as he could present his analysis. Such a lack of direction is more than a little strange to say the least, and figuring out why this would be the case if the MSM are so sure of themselves is somewhat baffling.
Why would they fail to fully expose someone if that is what they were attempting to do?
In my opinion, it seems that the reality of the situation is that they are actually very unsure of themselves and their position. Let’s be honest, ‘The Sun’ got a more than problematic response which served to have them chasing their tails on the associated Facebook page. Perhaps it would be a fair belief to suggest this would be the reason for ‘The Daily Mail’ having no comments section following their borrowed and reprinted version of events.
Such weak sniping at the individual can be clearly seen for what it is. Thus, it looks like they dare not attempt a full blown assault because of the very fact that they are now well aware of not only what awaits them as a consequence, but that what they are attempting to smear, more than stands up when compared to many of their own ludicrous insinuations.
This site did not witness any massive backlash as far as I am aware. And there was nothing even approaching the furore of several weeks ago due to another supposed ‘Hero’ article.
I would not say that their efforts are falling on deaf ears in this instance. What I would say, is that a lot more of the public are waking up to the manipulation and underhanded tactics. It really does not look like their readership are taking everything they print, as gospel. This has to be more than a worry for them, as it serves to show how they are no longer viewed as the prime area of focus in order to see what is going on in the world: Rightly so.
Now, we need to take some stock and appreciate the circumstances for what they are.
Although Chris, has been the victim of an upsetting experience. It can be used with ease to illustrate the purely fictitious nature of ‘Law&Order’ in this country. I will not go into too much detail of the tactics employed directly against him, but feel that many ambiguous and contradictory examples are more than visible to the public as a result of his case.
My main area of concern over this debacle relates to ‘The Police.’
You see, if the constabulary like to arrest everyone on suspicion or allegation, then we have a massive set of problems, don’t we?
If they follow things to the letter of The Law; which they don’t, and which they always get wrong anyway. Then why were Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Leon Brittan, Ester Rantzen, William Hague, Rolf Harris, The McCann’s, and Lord McAlpine not turfed out of their beds in the early hours of the morning based on more than reasonable suspicion and actual verified complaints?
Why does it appear to be the case in this country that you are left high and dry if you are a ‘normal’ citizen and yet, at the same time, so called ‘high flyers’ who are well known to be criminals, are not even questioned by the people who we are meant to employ to protect us?
This is where the fallacy comes to light. The Police are not there to protect you or myself. They are an imposing force that seeks to have every one of us look to itself for our protection. This is because the people who administer society have eroded our rights to self protection against criminals who are from both a higher and lower social standing than those of us who like to class ourselves as simply in the middle. We are the ones who they have jammed between a rock and a hard place, and don’t they just love it? Well, they did do, up until around about the present time.
Far more members of the general public across the world are waking up to the mass corruption of those who direct our lives through politics, the military and business. Those in power, wherever they may be, do not like the events that are unfolding before their very eyes. They will seek to use trusted establishment tools of coercion in any arena in order to maintain the failing grip on the population. One of the prime instruments of that control is the use of ‘The Police’.
The Police take orders from what they perceive to be authoritative, and at the same time, they bellow about the fact they serve the people.
It is a total contradiction in terms that is being exposed on a daily basis by millions across the globe. They do not care for the people, and only care about whether or not the people function according to the policies of their paymasters in Parliament. If you do anything to upset the ideals of those in power, you will be made to feel like you are a misfit and cause of upset to society. All necessary measures will be used against anyone who goes against the flow of this official narrative.
In summation: You are not wrong to question, and you are not wrong to feel angry. Do not be fooled by all the intricacies of the posh man’s pen, which are designed to keep you and your offspring in your place for evermore. We are only here, because others before us missed the point completely. The fools who rule, would obviously like that to continue to be the case, even though in their dark hearts they now know it is never going to happen. So, beware of their sacrificial games as they struggle to create distraction and death to make us take our eye off the ball and to feel vulnerable. They have done it many times to others in the past and we will have to be extra vigilant in order to make sure that they are never again successful in their attempts to have nation against nation as they fill their boots on the profits to be gained from manufactured conflict.
(Fabooka De Stait)

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