Couple Kept Daughter In Garden Cage – And Claimed She LIKED It!

A couple kept their seven year-old daughter locked in a specially-built cage they had constructed in the garden in order to punish her.

Jena Harman could face 20 years in prison

Jena Harman could face 20 years in prison

The mother of the seven year-old, Jena Harman, and her partner, Alexander Smith, face the possibility of 20 years in prison for their shocking child abuse. The garden cage measured six feet by five feet and was constructed from bits of old cattle paneling and snow fence, with plywood in place to cover part of the opening.

The little girl was left outside in the garden in Wyoming, rain and shine and locked in using a metal chain and latch like that on a dog’s lead. She was left a bucket to use as a lavatory and some clothing, books, a toothbrush and toothpaste. The seven year-old was brought one meal a day, but also told police that sometimes her mother forgot to feed her at all; she also told officers that the abusive paid had kicked her and sprayer her with a home.
Sometimes, when Smith was not at the house, Harman would release the child from the cage and allow her to sleep on the floor inside. Both Harman and Smith were arrested after police were tipped off they were both charged with one count of child abuse and three counts of felonious restraint.
In an interview with police, Harman explained that she kept her daughter in a “playpen” because she was “constantly doing bad things.” Smith said in his police interview that although he disliked the child, he wanted to keep her safe in a cage and that she enjoyed it.

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