HOLLIE GREIG(The following is a direct transcript from the Scottish Sunday express print edition article on Sunday 31st July, 2011)

The Lord Advocate has been urged to carry out a “thorough review” to find out why no one has been brought to justice in the case of a Down’s Syndrome woman who police say was abused as a child. Hollie Greig, now 31, alleges she was sexually assaulted for 14 years from the age of 6, before finally telling her mother, Anne, about her ordeal in 2000. Grampian Police did investigate but, along with the Procurator Fiscal’s office in the North East, concluded there was not enough evidence to bring a prosecution.

However, documents show that a doctor and the investigating officers “were all of the opinion that [Hollie] had been the victim of… sexual abuse in the past.” Two years ago Hollie was paid £13,500 in criminal injuries compensation after a Grampian detective described her as a “truthful witness” and an “innocent victim”. A further police probe was launched but last year the crown office said there was not enough “credible evidence” to take action. Now at least two English MPs have written to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland to raise their concerns at the decision not to bring criminal proceedings. In one letter, Andrew George, Liberal MP for St. Ives in Cornwall states: “There appears to be a lot of evidence allegations which point in one direction and indicates that this whole case deserves a thorough review” He adds: “Many of the professionals with whom she came into contact have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts.” Conservative MP David Ruffley, MP for Bury St. Edmunds, also wrote to express his concerns about the “appalling case”

The Scottish Sunday Express understands that Prime Minister David Cameron has even been made aware of the allegations but is satisfied that it is purely a Scottish matter. Hollie and Anne, who now live in Shropshire, have become the focus of an extensive Internet campaign, with a number of blogs and social networking pages set up to discuss the case. Sarah Brown, the former Prime Minister’s wife, is among 3000 ‘friends’ of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ Facebook page. There is furious debate on a number of allegations, including the claim that Hollie was a victim of a paedophile ring. Others believe there has been a sinister “cover up” by the authorities, including the Crown Office, Grampian Police and the Scottish Government.

Many outlandish complaints were dismissed by former police watchdog for Scotland, Jim Martin, who looked into the case in 2008. However Mr. Martin also published a letter from a Detective Inspector in Aberdeen, which was sent to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in September 2003. It states: The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that [Hollie] was sexually abused.”

Criminal injuries compensation requires a lower level of proof than the courts.

Robert Green, the Greig family’s lay legal advisor, said the tragic case is a “real can of worms” and demanded a public enquiry. A Crown Office spokesman said: “The Lord advocate has received a letter from Andrew George MP and has issued a response.” Yesterday, Mr. George released the contents of Mr. Mulholland’s reply. In it, he states: “Very careful consideration was given to the material by Crown Council who concluded that there was insufficient admissible, credible and reliable evidence in respect of these allegations.”

The Scottish Government has been ordered to respond to correspondence sent to the First Minister Alex Salmond in connection with the Hollie Greig sex abuse case.

The letter, which posed six questions into the manner of the investigation and handling of the case and has been seen by The Firm was sent on 28 January and had received no response, despite a series of reminder letters. The Information Commissioner has now ruled that the Scottish Ministers have failed to comply with their obligations under Sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act. Ministers are now “required” by the Commissioner to respond to the letter by 11 July.

“If the Ministers fail to comply with my decision I have the right to certify to the Court of Session that the Ministers have failed to comply,” Commissioner Kevin Dunion said. “The Court of Session can treat this failure as a contempt of court.” The Ministers are entitled to appeal to the Court of Session “on a point of law only”, Dunion says. It was reported in April 2009 that Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.”

Two Grampian Police Officers interviewed Greig in September 2009. No charges have been brought against anyone in connection with sexual abuse. The Greig family’s lay legal representative Robert Green is scheduled to appear in Stonehaven Sheriff Court on breach of the peace charges following his attempt to contest the Aberdeen South constituency Westminster election. Green’s MP David Mowat questioned the “unusual action” of Grampian Police in arresting Green and raiding his home address.

robert greenMan banned from area to stand as MSP

CANDIDATE TO CONTEST ABERDEEN SEAT DESPITE ORDER STOPPING HIM ENTERING CITY AND SHIRE A man who is banished from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire will stand as a candidate for the city in the Scottish elections. Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers member Robert Green will fight to become MSP for Aberdeen Central in May – despite a court order prohibiting him from entering the city.

Green, 64, campaigns on behalf of the mother of Hollie Greig, 30, a woman with Down’s syndrome who claims she was sexually assaulted by a paedophile ring in Aberdeen. But two police investigations have found no evidence to support the claims.

In last year’s general election Green stood for the Aberdeen South constituency, polling 138 votes as Anne Begg held the seat for Labour. Green, of 4 Birchdale Road, Warrington, Cheshire, appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterdaywhere his hopes to become an Aberdeen MSP were revealed. He appeared in court accused of conducting a “campaign of harassment” against a group of individuals who, he claims, were involved with the ring and were complicit in murder.

He is alleged to have sent out letters, leaflets, e-mails, made telephone calls and placed adverts on the internet and in newspapers and been involved in radio broadcasts and internet discussions, stating that nearly 20 people were involved – including a serving Scottish sheriff and a senior Grampian Police officer, who is now dead. Green is also accused of alleging that evidence and an inquiry have been suppressed. The charge alleges this has caused alarm and upset those named by Green. The offences are alleged to have taken place between June 1, 2009, and December 7, 2010, in the Ferryhill, Bridge of Don, Bieldside and Woodside areas of Aberdeen as well as in Edinburgh and Warrington. He also faces four breach of bail charges.

He appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday for the latest hearing regarding the charges. After the hearing, Sheriff Patrick Davies released Green on bail with conditions attached. He is not allowed to have contact with any witnesses in the case or allowed to discuss the allegations he has made about the alleged paedophile ring. A third condition bars him from entering the city or shire. Representing Green, solicitor advocate Gerald Sweeney said: “To exclude anyone from any part of the UK in case they do anything unlawful goes against everything this court should stand for. His intention is to stand for election as an MSP (in Aberdeen).” He argued that his client has no criminal record, had attended all court dates and should be freed without bail. He described the special conditions of bail as “using a jackhammer to crack a nut”.

Robert Green appeared in Stonehaven Court today.

Robert was arrested in Aberdeen in February 2010 as he attempted to distribute leaflets relating to allegations that Downs Syndrome girl Hollie Greig had been the victim of a paedophile gang. In April 2010 he was charged with an alleged breach of his bail conditions. Today’s hearing was a “Reduction to Summary” case, which to the best of my knowledge means that the Procurator Fiscal wishes to change Robert’s trial from “Solemn” (decided by a jury) to “Summary” (decided by a Sheriff). The hearing was heard in open court although the Fiscal did not explain why she sought this change in status.

Technically the two outstanding charges against have been dropped and a “de novo” case has been started which consolidates these charges and various others. There are now a total of 5 charges altogether. The first charge is basically an extension of the original Breach of the Peace charge and claims that between 1 June 2009 and 7 December 2010 at various locations in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and elsewhere, Robert conducted a public campaign of harassment against named persons placing them in a state of fear and alarm for their safety and causing the apprehension of serious public disturbance in Aberdeen and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. The second and third charges relate to alleged breaches of bail conditions.

The fourth and fifth charges relate to emails sent which were allegedly grossly offensive or of an indecent,obscene or menacing character. The bulk of the hearing related to a debate on bail conditions. Robert’s solicitor, Gerry Sweeney made the point that as this was a “de novo” case the previous bail conditions had lapsed and argued that as the case was being reduced to summary there was no automatic requirement for bail conditions to be applied and argued that as Robert had no criminal record and that he attended todays hearing, at which was cited to appear rather than appearing from custody, then no bail conditions should be applied.

The Fiscal argued that bail conditions identical to those in the previous charges should be applied. She stated that these bail conditions were “for the protection of those impacted by Mr Green’s activities”. I did not follow the logic of this arguement as my understanding is that Breach of the Peace “is designed to protect the community at large, not guard against an affront to individuals based on their own character.” The Fiscal stated that the bail conditions she was seeking were “in the public interest” although she did not provide any details of how the interest of the general public would be served. In respect of the bail conditions which require Robert to sign in at Warrington Police Station twice per week she argued that these were necessary to prevent him “sloping off to Aberdeen”. Mr Sweeney responded by stating that the bail conditions were totally disproportionate for a summary charge of breach of the peace and likened them to using not just a sledgehammer but a jackhammer to crack a nut. He expressed his dismay and outrage at the language used by the Crown and his view that what was being proposed was fundamentally undemocratic and in breach of Robert’s human rights.

In respect of the Crown proposals that Robert should be prevented from both talking about the case and continuing to campaign on the wider Hollie Greig affair , Mr Sweeney used the analogy of a notional person accused of assault who would be prevented from explaining while he was on bail that he had acted in self-defence and would also be prevented from acted in self-defence if he was attacked again while on bail. The decision of Sheriff Davies was that in addition to standard bail conditions Robert would also be subject to 3 special conditions:

1) That he does not approach or contact various named persons
2) That he does not advance or communicate, or cause to be advanced or communicated, allegations similar to those alleged in in the charges
3) That he does not enter Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire

The unanimous opinion of the members of the public in attendance was that we were all surprised at this decision as it appeared that the arguements put forward by the Defence were much stronger than those put forward by the Crown. An intermediate diet was set for 13th April and a trial diet set for 6th June. The trial is anticipated to last for 5 days although as it is now a “de novo” case, Robert will have to re-apply for Legal Aid etc which will almost certainly result in a delay.

I will be attending Stonehaven Sheriff Court at 10.00am on Wednesday 26th January for the Intermediate Diet for my case. This is simply an administrative procedure where I will be asked to re-affirm my plea of Not Guilty and no evidence will be heard. No date has been set for the trial diet. I hope to be in a position to supply more details very soon.
robert greenMP asks Grampian Police Chief to explain “unusual action” in connection with house raid of prospective candidate

The MP of Robert Green, who has campaigned as a prospective Parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen, has written to the Chief Constable of Grampian Police asking for an explanation for the “unusual action” of raiding Green’s home whilst he was detained on the campaign trail. Green represents the mother of Hollie Greig, a 30-year-old woman with Down’s syndrome who says she was sexually assaulted by a sheriff and a senior Grampian Police officer, who is now dead. David Mowat is MP for Warrington South, Mr Green’s constituency.

“On 13th of February, whilst Mr Robert Green was being held in custody by your officers in Aberdeen, Grampian Police raided Mr Green’s home in Warrington alongside two police officers from the Cheshire Constabulary: an unusual action considering that Mr Green was only being held on a Breach of the Peace charge,“ the letter from Mowat to Grampain Chief Constable Colin McKerrachar says. “When Mr Green enquired with Warrington Magistrates to see if they had a copy of the warrant, they did not have one. The Cheshire Police also did not have a copy of the warrant. When Cheshire Police contacted Detective Serjeant Brian Geddes, who led the raid, they were given an assurance that a copy would be posted to Mr Green without delay. This copy has still not arrived.”

The letter states that Owen Paterson MP spoke to a Grampian Police to express his concern that many of the documents seized during that raid were personal documents belonging to a constituent of his and relating to a possible legal action against Grampian Police.

“[She] informed him that the warrant had been arranged by a “PC Greades”. Further investigations have shown that “PC Greades” was in fact PC Vreades, but PC Vreades denies any knowledge of such a document and claims that as he has only been a Constable for four years, he would not have had the authority to issue such a document anyway,” the letter says. “I am willing to accept that there may be a perfectly innocent explanation for what has occurred, however given my constituent’s past dealings with your force I believe it is vital that there is no suggestion that Grampian Police are acting in any way improperly. To that end I would be grateful if you could give me, in writing, an explanation of your version of events, including addressing why Grampian Police thought it necessary to raid a property in connection with a relatively minor offence and which officer submitted the warrant for the raid. It would be helpful if you could also provide copies of the warrant to both myself and to Mr Green.”

tony legendTony Legend who has been interviewing various parties on the Hollie Greig abuse case has been using podcasts to publish those interviews across the internet. We have sent them out, through our contact network and websites, for all those interested in this sinister case. However these interviews have been pulled and are no longer available anywhere across the internet.

Our own submissions helping expose the Scottish legal mafia and masonic cop mafia in Aberdeen have not appeared on the usual podcasts Tony set up. We just wonder how deep that rabbit hole goes when these VERY IMPORTANT recordings mysteriously disappear?

robert greenGeneral Election 2010: Wannabe MP who’s banned from Scottish seat he wants to represent

HE is banned from visiting Aberdeen but he wants to represent the city as an MP. Robert Green has made what he believes to be legal history by becoming the first person to stand for election in a constituency he is prohibited from entering.

The 64-year-old was yesterday officially registered as a candidate for Aberdeen South, having convinced ten locals to sign his nomination papers. A self-styled “investigator” and campaigner, Mr Green is banned from the city under bail conditions imposed after he was charged with a breach of the peace earlier this year. He had been about to name some of the most influential men in the north-east of Scotland as paedophiles. Mr Green is standing as a candidate for Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers, a campaign group, and is acting as his own election agent.

“I understand that my candidacy has set legal precedent,” Mr Green told The Scotsman yesterday. “I think the fact that I have finally – and against all odds – become a candidate is a minor victory for democracy.” Mr Green, based in Warrington, has several problems, however. Apart from being barred from the constituency, he is also understood to be prohibited by bail conditions from repeating allegations he has made on the internet against a number of prominent individuals in the north-east. Moreover, an Aberdeen sheriff has successfully secured an interdict preventing Mr Green from repeating allegations against him. Mr Green, as recently as last week, appeared in private at Stonehaven Sheriff Court accused of breaching one of his bail conditions.

He yesterday claimed to have been brought to Scotland in handcuffs and forced to spend a night in police cells. Mr Green describes himself as the “lay legal adviser” of Anne Greig, the mother of a 30-year-old woman named Hollie Greig who has made a series of allegations of rape and abuse against what she calls a paedophile ring in Aberdeen. Police have completed a second investigation into the allegations. However, the Crown Office said earlier this year that there was not enough reliable evidence for a prosecution. The Greigs have been campaigning for a full-scale prosecution since 2000.

Mr Green has been backing them since at least last year. He and the Greigs have since repeated their allegations on several occasions, including in radio interviews broadcast in Spain and the United States. Their campaign claims to have 25,000 supporters online, the so-called “Hollie’s Army”. It is not known how many of them live in Aberdeen South. The Greigs used to live there but now reside in England. Scottish authorities, meanwhile, are understood to be keeping a close watch on a blog associated with Mr Green. The website gives the names and addresses of people Ms Greig has accused of being part of the paedophile ring. It also published the names of other children she claims were abused, and has claimed Mrs Greig’s brother Robert was murdered when he learned of the alleged crimes.

hollie greigGrampian Police have reinterviewed a disabled woman who claims she was abused as a child by an Aberdeen paedo-phile ring which included a senior police officer and a leading Scottish sheriff.

Hollie Greig, 29, who has Down’s Syndrome, claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six, and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. Hollie and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning since 2000 when police were first informed of the alleged abuse, for criminal proceedings to be taken against those she says were involved. The abuse is alleged to have taken place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July 2000 naming a senior police officer, who has since died, and a sheriff who still serves.

The Press and Journal knows the identities of both men but has decided not to make them public at this stage. No charges have ever been brought, although Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April this year. It is understood that followed evidence from a Grampian detective inspector who described Hollie as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”.

Last night, Mrs Greig, 58, said her daughter has had nightmares and suffered panic attacks since she first told her mother about the alleged abuse nine years ago. “We’ve been battling this for a long time now and we are angry with the way things were handled right from the start,” she said. “We were practically forced out of our home in Aberdeen and fled to Shropshire when this whole thing came to light. During these past nine years myself and Hollie have been called liars and had to put up with constant insults but we will continue to fight despite the endless brick walls we hit.”

Mrs Greig said she ordered two psychological reports on Hollie to dismiss claims she had invented the allegations. “Hollie was asked to draw pictures and describe sexual acts to see if there was any signs she might be lying. “Both reports, carried out by two separate doctors, came back saying that 100% she was telling the truth and had been sexually abused.”

Mrs Greig said Hollie’s campaign would continue until justice has been done. “All Hollie wants is justice. She says this has ruined her childhood. She doesn’t trust anyone and I’m the only person she can be around for any length of time.” Mrs Greig said two officers from Grampian Police visited Hollie in September and spent three-and-a-half hours interviewing her at a special facility in Shrewsbury. Hollie and her mother, who moved to Shropshire to escape the alleged abuse, have enlisted a group of high-profile supporters, including, it is understood, singer Annie Lennox, to support their demand for a prosecution.

Mrs Greig claims that two of the alleged abusers moved to Portugal a number of years ago and that she went to her local police station in Shrewsbury to pass on that information when news broke of the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann. Madeleine, who was three at the time, was kidnapped from her family’s holiday apartment at Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2006. Police believe she was taken by a paedophile. One of Hollie’s supporters wrote to the Crown Office in Edinburgh earlier this year querying the decision not to prosecute and received a reply from Andrew McIntyre, Head of Victims and Diversity, setting out the criteria for determining whether to bring charges.

His reply suggested that, in Hollie’s case, the decision was based on the lack of independent corroboration. Mr McIntyre gave an assurance that police were continuing to investigate “aspects of the case” and said that the ongoing inquiries prevented him from commenting further. Grampian Police last night confirmed the force was investigating an allegation of historic sex abuse.

A Crown Office spokes-woman said late last night: “We have not received any report from the police. “If we do receive a report it will be carefully considered in due course.”

hollie greigShropshire woman has been awarded criminal injuries compensation after she was sexually abused even though no-one has been charged or brought before the courts over it.

Medical evidence showed that 28-year-old Hollie Greig, who has Downs Syndrome, was a victim of abuse and had undergone a traumatic experience. Hollie and her mother Anne Greig fled from Aberdeen when Anne discovered what had been happening. They came to live in Shropshire eight years ago.

The two have been fighting to bring the man they said caused the abuse to justice but say no charges have ever been brought. They say Hollie had been the victim of a paedophile ring since the age of six, for 14 years, before she moved to Shropshire. Now the two are calling on Grampian police to re-investigate the allegations.

Speaking at her home yesterday, Hollie said she was pleased that her case had been made public. Her 58-year-old mother said the criminal injuries compensation of £13,500 that her daughter had just received from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority was a confirmation that people believed her. “It is not the money that is important. It is a way of protecting her in the future against the person or people that abused her,” she said;. “These people are still walking about free to abuse other children.”

“I was accused of putting the allegations into my daughter’s head and was even sectioned and taken to hospital and my daughter taken into care.” A letter written by Detective Inspector Iain Allen from the community protection and investigation team at Grampian Police, to the criminal injuries compensation authority said: “Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view she was a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.

“She appears to have been distressed by what happened to her. This would have been particularly traumatic for such a vulnerable person.” Grampian Police Chief Inspector Murray Main today said: “Decisions in Scotland on whether or not to prosecute are the responsibility of the Procurator Fiscal. “If any new evidence was to come to light we would re-open the investigation.”

The mother of Hollie Greig, a Downs syndrome girl at the centre of an alleged paedophile abuse ring, has called for an investigation into the role played by Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini almost ten years ago, when Angiolini served as a district Procurator Fiscal. A serving Sheriff who is still in post and a now deceased police officer have been named as part of the girl’s ring of abusers. Anne Greig believes the investigation has been effectively blocked.
A would-be MP acting as legal adviser to the family of a disabled woman who claims she was abused by a paedophile ring as a child has been accused of breaching a bail condition. Grampian cops travelled to Cheshire to arrest Robert Green on wednesday. The 64 year old made no plea when he appeared in PRIVATE at Stonehaven Sheriff court yesterday.
robert green arrest
robert greenAN Appleton man is caught up in the centre of a storm concerning the alleged sexual abuse of a girl with Down’s Syndrome by a paedophile ring.

Robert Green, aged 63, is campaigning on behalf of Hollie Greig who claims to have been abused by paedophiles in Aberdeen for 14 years, since the age of six. The case was taken to police when Hollie’s claims first came to light in 2000, but the investigation failed because it lacked ‘credible evidence’ even though, the family claims,Hollie pinpointed her attackers, which included people in positions of trust. Grampian Police have been asked to re-start the investigation on various occasions by Anne Greig, Hollie’s mum.

Mr Green believes that key facts in the case are being covered up as senior figures are implicated in the case. Mr Green was first put in contact with Anne in 2008 by the Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers group which had been advising her on what action could be taken. He then became the Greigs’ legal advisor and is now standing as an independent candidate in the General Election for the Aberdeen South constituency. His election campaign will be solely based on securing justice for the Greigs by ensuring that police investigate the ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Hollie was raped repeatedly since she was a child.

On visiting Aberdeen to continue the campaign last month he was arrested for ‘breach of the peace’, but the charge was backdated to June 9 when he was handing out leaflets. He is currently on bail and unable to return to Aberdeen. Mr Green, from Birchdale Road, who previously ran Mossley Travel agents in Lymm, is convinced this shows that police are attempting to quash the story from being made public because, he claims, a Grampian officer was named in Hollie’s account of her attackers, of which there were allegedly 16 in total. He said: “This has been a terrible cover-up of this shocking case by the Scottish Government. “There is overwhelming evidence that Hollie was raped by a paedophile ring for many years but no-one is prepared to prosecute the people responsible.”


Reporter Robert Green was arrested in Aberdeen for the crime of seeking justice and an investigation into the case of Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who says she was serially-raped over a decade by an establishment paedophile ring operating in Scotland. Robert is now out on bail and with a gagging order against him in an effort to stop him naming the people that Hollie says were involved. Come and here Robert speak out against the injustices heaped out upon Hollie and her mum Anne at the hands of the Scottish establishment and the complicity of the mainstream media and especially the BBC in conspiring to cover up these atrocious crimes.
The Hand Hotel, Llangollen, (Denbigh Suite) BOOKING ADVISABLE 01978 861586 or 01824 750311

Would-be MP banned from making paedophile allegations

An Aberdeen sheriff has obtained a gagging order against a would-be MP who has accused him of abusing a young, disabled girl. Sheriff Graham Buchanan was forced to resort to legal action after Robert Green continued to spread the allegations against him, despite two separate police investigations finding there was no truth in them. Mr Green, who describes himself as a lay legal adviser, is representing Hollie Greig, who has Down’s syndrome and who alleges that she was systematically abused by a paedophile ring for 14 years from the age of six.

Mr Green has named a number of men and women, including Sheriff Buchanan and a now-deceased former senior policeman, as having taken part in the abuse. The sheriff’s lawyers, Edinburgh-based Simpson and Marwick, have now successfully applied to the Court of Session in Edinburgh for an interim interdict preventing Mr Green from continuing his campaign. The interdict also prevents Mr Green from claiming that the sheriff was involved in the “murder” of Hollie’s uncle, Robert Greig, who died in a car fire in 1997. Grampian Police investigated the sex-abuse claims in 2000 and again late last year and concluded on both occasions that the accusations were baseless.

The day after the interim interdict was granted, Mr Green was arrested as he left a guesthouse in Aberdeen. He appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court on February 15, following his arrest, charged with a breach of the peace. He made no plea and was released on bail. The case is expected to call again later this year. Mr Green, 63, claims one of the bail conditions bars him from entering the north-east, which he says will hinder his plans to try to win the Aberdeen South seat at the general election, widely expected to be on May 6. The Court of Session interdict, granted by Lord Emslie, bans Mr Green, of 4 Birchdale Road, Warrington, Cheshire, from communicating false and defamatory statements about the sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court or anywhere else in Scotland.

The false statements are listed in papers as:

That the sheriff was involved in sexually abusing Hollie Greig.

That the sheriff has been involved in covering up the sexual abuse.

That he was involved in the “murder” of Hollie Greig’s uncle, Robert Greig.

The same restrictions apply to anyone acting on Mr Green’s behalf or on his instructions. The interdict also bars Mr Green from harassing the sheriff by making the claims at all. Sheriff Buchanan – who has accused Mr Green of mounting a “campaign of harassment” – declined to comment yesterday. Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July that year naming those allegedly involved. The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility. In January, the Crown Office said there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case. Despite no charges ever being brought, Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year.

It is understood that followed evidence from a Grampian detective inspector, who described Hollie as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”. Mrs Greig, 58, claims her daughter has experienced nightmares and panic attacks since she first told her about the alleged abuse.

Justice Secretary, Scots law title staff to appear as witnesses in Hollie Greig abuse case as victims prepare to testify for arrested journalist

KENNY MACASKILL, Scotland’s Justice Secretary now faces being called as a witness in the forthcoming trial of journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who was arrested last week in Aberdeen after attempting to attend a public protest in the centre of the city, concerning the now widely reported campaign of downs syndrome girl Hollie Greig, who has made consistent allegations since 2000 of an abuse ring in Aberdeen, of which she was but one of the victims. Ms Greig’s campaigners contend medical & Police reports support her claims, also pointing out Ms Greig received an as yet unexplained huge payout from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority while no one has yet been charged or prosecuted over the abuse.

Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini’s lawyers have ties to Justice Secretary MacAskill. Sources close to the case, which saw Mr Green arrested last Friday, his home in Cheshire, England, raided by Scottish Police officers, then later being bailed on Monday of this week at Stonehaven Sheriff Court to attend a full hearing at a later date, say Justice Secretary MacAskill will be quizzed on his relationship with the Glasgow law firm Levy McRae, who now appear to be representing several individuals including a Sheriff & Scotland’s top law officer, Lord Elish Angiolini, caught up in the mess. We revealed in earlier reports, Mr MacAskill has long standing ties to Levy McRae, where the Justice Secretary served his apprenticeship as a solicitor, and worked for some time.

Scots law title “The Firm” reported abuse story, sparked global campaign for Hollie. In another surprise move on the case, lawyers & staff from the well known Scots law publication “The Firm”, whose reports on Hollie Greig’s allegations back in November 2009 sparked the now global campaign to ‘secure justice’ for Ms Greig and other abuse victims, are also rumoured to be in line to be cited to give evidence in Mr Green’s pending trial and be questioned over the content of their now censored reports on the case, which were removed after legal threats from lawyers acting on behalf of the Lord Advocate and led to a string of apologies, which we covered in an earlier article HERE.

Robert Green – arrest was sparked after reports from law title which led to eventual arrest. Legal insiders said today it was likely Mr MacAskill would seek to avoid appearing in court, and may use ‘ministerial powers’ to avoid being cross examined by defence agents acting on behalf of the arrested journalist but there would probably be no escape for staff of law title “The Firm”, who are now being identified by many campaigners in the Hollie Greig case as being the publication which started the recent spate of articles, forum comments and online chatter over the abuse claims, said to involve members of the Scottish legal establishment who will now be forced to clear their names in the gaze of full publicity & open court.

One solicitor said late last night : “The Firm have got themselves in a sticky position. I understand its staff will be called as witnesses to be questioned over their reporting of Ms Greig’s claims, printed as far back as 17 November 2009.” He continued : “The material published by the Firm in mid November appears to be the initial reports of recent weeks which led to the Lord Advocate’s personal involvement in the case, the spate of legal threats which saw coverage withdrawn from the Firm’s website, and the interdict gained on behalf of the Sheriff, all clearly resulting in Mr Green’s arrest and the current Grampian Police investigation. It is only proper the publication’s staff are called to account for their reporting which has now led to Mr Green’s current situation.” This morning several additional campaigners associated with the Hollie Greig case, including website owners, pressure groups and online media outlets vowed to follow the same course of defence, if quizzed on their reporting of Ms Greig’s case. A source from a media organisation reporting on the case confirmed they too would be citing staff from “The Firm” to attend if any legal proceedings were instituted by the Lord Advocate.

It also can be revealed today “The Firm” ‘were intimidated’ by the Crown Office over a report they published, claiming a Police investigation took place of a Sheriff in connection with evidence on the Lockerbie case after correspondence was submitted to Lothian & Borders Police by the SNP’s Christine Grahame. Lord Angiolini went onto praise the Sheriff said to be under investigation, and then disputed the events as reported by “The Firm” (better grab the info in those links while you all can – Ed)

Anne & Hollie Greig to support arrested journalist’s defence. It has also emerged that Hollie Greig herself, and her mother Anne, will support a defence of charges against Mr Green, support which could lead to damaging testimony in open court by Hollie and her mother, which may raise many questions as to why there have been no prosecutions in this long running case. Grampian Police and the Crown Office are now known to have been informed of allegations by Ms Greig of abuse dating back an amazing 10 years and recently the Crown Office issued varying statements as to why no one had been charged. Commentators on the case say the appearance of Ms Greig and her mother in court as witnesses, either in person or by video link from England, will prove an uncomfortable time for those who stand accused of the abuse, and may finally spark action on the Ms Greig’s allegations of serial abuse. There are now growing calls for Grampian Police to interview the Lord Advocate, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, and staff from ‘The Firm’ over issues connected with the Mr Green’s arrest and the ongoing Grampian Police investigation. (so, a hot time for Scotland’s legal celebs in the spotlight, lets clear calendars ? – Ed)



Robert Green accused of breach of the peace

THE legal adviser to the family of a disabled woman who claims she was abused by a paedophile ring as a child has appeared in court charged with breach of the peace. Robert Green, 63, appeared from custody at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday accused of an offence spanning eight months. The political hopeful represents the mother of Hollie Greig, a 30-year-old woman with Down’s Syndrome. Hollie claims she was sexually assaulted by a Scottish sheriff, who is still serving, and a senior Grampian Police officer who is now dead. Green is alleged to have committed a breach of the peace between June 9, 2009, and February 12 this year in the Ferryhill, Bridge of Don, Bieldside and Woodside areas of Aberdeen. A handful of Green’s supporters gathered at the court for yesterday’s hearing, while a few more arrived at Aberdeen Sheriff Court expecting him to appear there.

Green, of 4 Birchdale Road, Warrington, Cheshire, appeared in private on petition before Sheriff James Hendry. He made no plea and was released on bail.

He was represented during the brief hearing by Stonehaven solicitor Denis Daun. Green was arrested on Friday as he made his way to the centre of Aberdeen to hand out leaflets.

He is understood to have been heading for Union Street to tell people about Hollie’s case and his plans to contest the Aberdeen South parliamentary seat as an independent candidate. Green had been staying at a bed and breakfast in King Street. The B&B was searched by police following the arrest.

Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given the police the names of some of the men she alleges assaulted her. campaign The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000.

The abuse is alleged to have taken place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July that year naming those involved. The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility. Last month, the Crown Office said there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case.

robert greenRobert has been released on bail and silenced and NOT to speak to anyone particularly the press on any matter connected with his protests

Our group are standing by at Stonehaven reporting that a SPECIAL cop unit has been drafted in as they have been expecting trouble? from Robert’s friends and supporters. Unmarked cop cars have been watching the roads to Stonehaven from Aberdeen where the hearing should have taken place. Robert had a 15 minute hearing IN CAMERA at Stonehaven which means “NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC”. He has been released on BAIL and we are waiting to talk to him about his experience locked up over the weekend even before he got to the area of Aberdeen he was going to be protesting at.

Robert Green’s son went to his fathers house on Thursday night and he found a (letter or a writ) , it had been put through the letter box. He did not pay much attention to it, but left it on the table in the house.

Mr Green’s daughter was advised to get her brother who lives in the area to go round and check the house, as the Police may have raided the house, the son went round and found that the (letter or writ) that he left on the table had gone, and the hard drive of his computer had gone, and it appeared that some things had been moved about, but the house had not been broken into. (They obviously used his keys to get into his house) they either sent a copy of them down from Aberdeen to the local Police to go into the house, or some of the Police in Aberdeen drove down with his keys and searched the house. Have they had a warrant or did Mr Green give them permission to search his house?.

We do not know, the daughter was advised to tell her brother not to leave the house, also to tell her brother to get a friend to come round to the house and then call the Police to report someone had been in the house and taken the (letter or writ) , and that the hard drive from the computer had gone, and that things had been moved around.

The brother does not want anyone else involved in the matter, so he is going to stay in the house until Mr Green’s daughter comes up from London today, and they will call the Police so that they have witnesses to what they say to the Police. The son was advised not to leave the house, as the Police or MI5 may have taken the hard drive away and may have put something nasty on it, then put it back in the house, then raid the house next day and take the computer hard drive. The house may now have a BUG planted in it, so they will already know what is going on. If they had no warrant, and no permission from Mr Green to enter his house, then this is an illegal search. But we do not know if Mr Green has given his permission for the search.

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