REALLY ODD things have been happening in the past few days..

Not only have I had THREE videos taken down, but yesterday I also had a Facebook post removed!

The dog video that I used for the voice comparison sound bite, I originally found  here on Karen Irving’s youtube channel

BUT OH LOOK.. ITS GONE! What a surprise!!

So, the channel belonging to KAREN IRVING THE AUTHOR, which only had two videos. One of which had been there for over FOUR years. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN both the videos have been removed?!

COINCIDENTALLY within 36 hours of me using one of them in my blog…..  Aye, okay!

It must have been Karen herseld that removed the videos because she changed the picture of the cat at the same time & nobody would ever change someone elses profile pic! LOL

Hey ho, It’s just as well I took a screenshot before hand eh?!!

Click image to enlarge



Compared to the screen shot i took yesterday… which you can also see on the short video below



The first video that i had removed can be discluded – Video ONEI put on youtube the same day I published THE blog (Aug 20th) It was removed the very next day (21st Aug) due to Flo Destroyer making a copyright claim. Fair enough.

But the circumstances surrounding the rest, I find much rather more……. bizarre

They were all about exactly the same thing. The Canadian author, KAREN IRVING & Hoaxtead’s one & only EL COYOTE.

TWO DAYS AFTER I published THE blog that oh-so-subtly hints that Mrs Karen D Irving is El Coyote!

I updated it with Videos TWO THREE.

They were both put up on vimeo mid afternoon on Aug 22nd.

By late afternoon they had both been removed. They had only been up a couple of hours at the most?!

THEN, mid morning on the 24th of Aug, I went on to my facebook page & LO & BEHOLD if my post that I had put up very late the night before, hadn’t vanished in the space of about 10 – 12 hours approx. & yip! It was about Karen Irving being El Coyote!

SO, IF I AM WRONG, (as hoaxtead would have people believe!) & MRS KAREN D IRVING IS NOT EL COYOTE,


HOW ON EARTH did the Canadian author Karen Irving, who LIVES IN CANADA, managed to come across me?! A nobody, a total unknown, who lives in the Highlands of Scotland?

Not only has she heard of me, but she CLEARLY follows me on either my blog, my twitter account, my facebook page or my relatively new vimeo account. Perhaps even all of them!! LOL

How else could she possibly have known I had even made the videos?

There is only a few possibilities that I can think of

WITHIN TWO HOURS of me uploading the videos, a woman halfway across the world, who doesn’t know me, would have had to either…

1 – magically just have known about the videos & headed straight to precisely the correct place on vimeo?

2 – Or she may have miraculously decided to go to the site of a blogger she’ll have never have even heard of & manage to find THE blog that “coincidentally” happens to be about her?

3 –  Or maybe by THE MOST INCREDIBLE LUCK she unintentionally found the only person on social media to have blogged about her & went via the one & only link i put on either Facebook or Twitter?

4 – Or perhaps, WITHIN TWO HOURS of me uploading the videos, Karen Irving was by chance surfing the internet when she JUST SO HAPPENED to completely randomly stumble upon them.


Assuming she managed any of the above, she would then have had to be SO HORRIFIED or OFFENDED or ANGRY or IRRITATED at the fact I had DARED to heavily hint that she may in fact be someone she has no chance of ever having heard of..

That she IMMEDIATELY dropped everything, so she could rush to fill in the Vimeo complaints form (see video below) so as to get the HEINOUSLY OFFENSIVE & very short videos taken down

NOW does ANY of that sound remotely likely to you?

Cause, in my opinion, all of that…… IMPOSSIBLE



But, if  KAREN IRVING REALLY IS EL COYOTE, well, suddenly it ALL becomes crystal clear

& if all that STILL doesn’t convince you, ask yourself this…

Why, if she has known since I first blogged it, has she gone to all that trouble to get it all removed & yet not bothered to contact me & asked me to remove any of it?

My email address & links to every social media account i have ever owned is in HUNDREDS of different places all over the Internet.

Hell, she could even have left a comment on the actual blog lol.

But she hasn’t!


And now we have a name…..


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