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Welcome! I’m the author of Pluto RisingJupiter’s Daughter, and Mars Eclipsed, three mystery novels featuring astrologer Katy Klein and a cast of family, friends, and assorted baddies. Pluto Rising was a finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award, and all three books are now available in Canada and the US, and soon in Italy. The latest in the series, Venus Wept, is in progress.



Latest in the best-selling Katy Klein series…

In this third book in the bestselling and critically acclaimed Katy Klein mystery series, psychologist, astrologer and single mom Klein finds herself facing unprecedented danger. Still experiencing flashbacks and nightmares after her harrowing adventures in Jupiter’s Daughter, Katy decides to join her Internet penpal Flavia at an astrologers’ retreat on an island near Ottawa. The peaceful retreat turns sinister when a wealthy visitor to the island dies in bizarre circumstances. Soon Katy and her daughter Dawn are drawn into a web of corruption, this time involving the Russian mafia and Katy’s ex-husband Peter. In a riveting and shocking conclusion, Katy faces a life-and-death decision that will change her forever. With strong characters, biting humour and keen psychological insight, Mars Eclipsed invites us deep into the complex psyche of an unusual, and very human, amateur sleuth.

Now available in the USA!

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ISBN 1551924765
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Jupiter's Daughter book cover
ISBN 1-896095-54-2
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And for those of you who aren’t yet up to speed on the previous adventures of Katy Klein…

Winter is Katy Klein’s least favourite time of year. Luckily, the short frosty days are enlivened by the social event of the year: a Yuletide party thrown by Katy’s best friend, Carmen Capricci. This year, however, the party takes a sinister turn when one of the guests, Marion Stanley, has a violent seizure and dies.

Katy’s instincts tell her Marion’s death is suspicious, but she avoids getting involved, until Marion’s runaway daughter, Rose, appears on her doorstep. As she tries to help the frail and terrified Rose, Katy is drawn into a web of deceit involving a handsome televangelist and a fundamentalist church. And at the centre of the web is a shocking truth that Katy needs every ounce of her courage to face.

“Jupiter’s Daughter is even better than Pluto Rising, for which Irving got an Arthur Ellis nomination.”

-Globe & Mail, 2000

…and Pluto Rising takes you right back to the beginning…

Pluto Rising introduces Katy Klein, a psychologist turned professional astrologer, struggling to make ends meet for herself and her teenaged daughter. But Katy’s life is changed suddenly and forever when she meets Adam, a mysterious new client who believes Katy can help him unravel the half-remembered terrors of his childhood. Despite her misgivings, Katy finds herself drawn into Adam’s nightmarish world, where she is forced to confront her own worst fears, and a killer who will not hesitate to destroy her and her family.

“… …(Pluto Rising is )fast-paced and compelling, and the use of astrology as a tool in the investigation of the murder has a certain wacky charm.”

-Globe & Mail, 1999

“… …The best thing here is Katy herself. A down-to-earth Jewish mamma who loves coffee and salt and french fries slathered with poutine, her voice will keep you reading.”

-Vancouver Sun, 1999

Pluto Rising book cover
ISBN 1-896095-95-X
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Coming soon…

Excerpts from the fourth Katy Klein mystery, Venus Wept. Stay tuned!

New Feature!
Diary of a Mystery Writer

For your delectation and vicarious enjoyment, I’ve decided to return to the online journal that I introduced a little while ago. Not what I ate for supper last night (though it was Thai noodles with lemon-grass chicken, yum!), but the milestones, travails and interesting bits of random gossip that have been coming my way lately. I’ll be updating this feature more or less weekly, so keep checking back…

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