Hoaxstead Harassment and death threats

I’m gettting these messages from anonymous people who are victims of Hoaxtead asking me if I would set up a Facebook support group or something for them.

One of them just told me that one of the victims of Hoaxtead harassment committed suicide because of their harassment and the family does not want to talk about it.

Also, I’m commenting on their blog and they are playing games with me… they are only posting a couple of my comments, but censoring the rest of my comments, namely the ones that show evidence against them.

I’ve attached all below,


One of the comments that came in to my channel, this one doesn’t say “please dont share” but the rest of them do… these women are scared.

From their stalking file on me… all the comments they are censoring:

The following are the posts of evidence that they are censoring.

They lost 136 channels and 3,000 videos

screen shots of the death threats I have gotten from Hoaxtead

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