WORLD WIDE PEDOPHILE RING CALLED AXJ EXPOSED ON FACEBOOK i busted this out last year even got them on skype recorded them but it gets better Today is the official announcement that the information about an organization called AXJ is exposed as a valid pedophile ring and has been operating for quite some time now. AXJ cell John Aster has been confronted about several libel and false claims about several hundred innocent via the Internet, making it so that when a persons name is Google you get claims about that individual being a pedophile, yet when we have investigated these names listed by John Aster and his following AXJ members, the names are not that of any sec offender in any way. John Aster is from Australia, his wife left him due to Aster getting found with possessing well over 15,000 images of child porn. Having only one daughter named Fiona and claims he is in current pursuit of justice against his ex for the daughter. John Aster was arrested and while in custody in Queensland police station in Australia, John Aster came up with an idea that would hopefully make it so that his name would not be exposed as a pedophile. John Aster cell of Actions 4 Justice told the officers he wanted to make a deal, the officers called in crown and what John Aster told them blew their minds completely. Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/powerful-disturbing-child-abuse-in-2013-t85679-160.html#ixzz2vxkcRq7d

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