This from a care worker:-


The Children’s Act just one of many laws, that have been ignored in this case, and they have strict guidelines that have to be followed when such things are reported. These have not been observed in this case.


There also is evidence as you point out, the medical evidence; she had an STD an early age.


Trust me, I have worked in the Care industry with people like Hollie, been to the case meetings, the multidisciplinary case conferences etc. How this has been handled is NOT the normal way of reacting to such claims. I have seen bigger responses with the police and Child Protection with much less claims, and no medical evidence than in the Hollie case.


The Social Workers, Police, Doctors none of them have followed their guidelines, and LEGAL responsibilities to Hollie, and Legal obligations to follow certain set down procedure in such a case and their job roles.


It is not so much the police investigation, without such a thing, the Social Services etc do things in such cases that have nothing to do with the police, and act in their remit to immediately ensure the protection of the Child. This was not done.


This is not how you portray it; in the real world what has happened here is not how any other such claim I have ever heard about has been approached.


If anyone who has ever worked in such a field will agree, the amount of immediate and in depth investigation, and protection placed around such a person, as Hollie that occurs even if there is an inkling of any abuse is very swift, occurs from several different agencies at once and all encompassing.


I truly have seen more intervention, and actions taken around a person who just raised their voice, that is shouted at such a child as Holle. Never mind the STD found and verbal evidence she has given.


The burden of defence in such cases lands immediately on the accused, not the other way round. This is due to the “Vulnerable” aspect of Hollie and such others. This is not handled ever usually in the same way as a woman walking into a police station and saying she was Raped. It is very different in cases with a vulnerable adult or Child involved.

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