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Petitioning Health Secretary Matt Hancock
Justice for people, like our Grandad, abused in care homes!


Petition by Tania Taylor
Milnrow, ENG, United Kingdom


This is our wonderful Grandad Graham, he was in the early to moderate stages of Vascular Dementia. He was always singing and smiling, always so polite and caring. Our own gentle giant.

Due to his risk of falling, we placed him in a home because that’s where we thought he’d have the best care. After a huge pressure sore was discovered covering almost half of his very large back, we placed a hidden camera in his room. That’s when we discovered he was being abused.

He screams from pain, cries out for help over and over, and is ignored. He’s mocked. Told to shut up. He’s treated roughly; filled and surrounded with moisture lesions caused by lying in urine, and staff gave two different stories saying our Grandad did it to himself.

In just one week, he went from being happy and mobile, to not being able to walk. What he suffered was recorded so we believed we could at least get justice. The abuse fell under four separate categories as part of the Care Act. But the police said it wasn’t enough to prosecute. The carer is back in work at the same care home looking after other vulnerable people like our grandad.

I thought we were alone. But I soon learned that out of 23,000 allegations of carers abusing vulnerable older adults in the UK, there were only 15 convictions. Something is going terribly wrong here. We need urgent action.

That’s why we’re calling on ministers to launch an inquiry into social care abuse and why there are so few convictions.

This affects those with additional needs and children too. Social care should not be something we are afraid of. We know that there are wonderful carers out there who work incredibly hard – and even save lives. But those who abuse the position of trust families give to them, need to be held accountable. If there is evidence of abuse taking place, the police must be able to prosecute the abuser according to the level of abuse evidenced.

Our grandad’s health dramatically deteriorated. He was only in the home less than 3 weeks, and he died 3 weeks later. We don’t want the abuse our grandad went through to be for nothing. It has broken all our hearts that he suffered so much at the hands of people who were meant to care.

Please help us stop this happening to others by signing.
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