As a survivor of sexual abuse as a child I speak from experience and agree with the NSPCC in the main children are sexually abused by someone they know. I was abused up until the age of 10 and kept the secret until I discovered a paedophile in my extended family abusing his 5 year old granddaughter and sharing her with his perverted friends. I assaulted him, he got legal aid, took me to court and won, see this short video:
Being in the multimedia business I decided to co-write a film script based on my experience, working title ‘Sweet Revenge.’ I come from the east end of London and a huge fan of Ray Winstone who is also an eastender so I decided to send Ray the script because if he decides to make the film, with his rough diamond personality, I firmly believe the film would have a huge impact in reducing child abuse. Using my Twitter address @terryarmstrong I have hooked up with Ray (@MrRaywin) and believe he is reading the script. Find me on Facebook :

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