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Recently it came to our attention that Carl Sims – the publisher of Namaste Magazine in the UK – is keeping a tight rein on the exposure and activities of Anne and Hollie Greig. What we’re hearing are rumours that Carl doesn’t like Anne to be talking to anybody without him being present. This may be innocent over protection by Carl but there are signs that there may be some other motives behind it.
Last year, it was planned to write “The Hollie Greig Story” and publish the book before the end of 2011. Individuals were contacted, enthusiasm was high and it all looked good in terms of making the project come to fruition.
But before the project could get off the ground came a roadblock: Carl Sims.
Carl appeared out of nowhere as an advisor to Anne. Emails were sent back and forth with lots of questions and enquiries about getting hold of copies of original documents to start the book on a firm foundation. Carl steered the conversation away from the essential research material and into the area of royalties and publication costs before a single word had been written.
He introduced an American New Age publisher into the equation. She was to be the American publisher of the book and he pencilled in Dr. Judith Reisman to write the foreword to the as-yet non-existent book. To top it off, the would-be American publisher sent in her own publishing terms that included her being paid by the author for all the up-front printing costs!
Whether by accident or design, the creation of the book was effectively  sabotaged by Carl Sims and his new age cronies.
With his track record on the genesis of The Hollie Greig Story, it came as no surprise to receive information that Carl Sims was publishing a book illegally in the UK after he effectively stole “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse” from German author Andreas Moritz.
Andreas Moritz wrote this in a forum back in 2004:

Dear Friends,
A small publishing company in England, Namaste Publishing (www.namastepublishing.co.uk) has been publishing and distributing a U.K. edition of my liver flush book worldwide, but without a legal contract or my authorization. The book, which has a green cover, is entitled “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse” (May 2004). The owner of the company, Carl Sims, is selling it in England and distributing it to all major websites around the world, including Amazon.com. By offering a much lower price on websites like Amazon than my American edition, he is effectively diverting Internet traffic to his book, for his own benefit.
To sue individuals or publishing companies for copyright violation can takes years, and is very costly. Although I am pursuing some legal action against this publisher, I am also appealing to anyone who intends to buy this book or knows others/bookstores that do, to buy my 2005-edition entitled The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush (the one with the colorful cover) instead of the unauthorized version. U.K. residents can now order this book as well as all other books of mine through my website http://www.ener-chi.com; the books are from within the U.K. in 2-3 days. Wholesale orders can be requested by contacting me at andmor@ener-chi.com.
I have supported this publisher and his magazine “Namaste” for many years by writing many free articles for them, offering free advice to all his readers through a column “Ask Andreas,’ and in many other ways. Being quite gullible or naïve when it comes to business, I didn’t suspect what this man’s true intentions were. My heart has always been in the healing profession. But by wanting to share with so many more people what I have found to be useful for some, I am now forced to make my stand in the business world. And I am gradually learning to navigate my way through it. This is helping me to see first-hand the incredible corruption and manipulation that has gripped our physical existence today.
To help something we must first see it. To help this world we must see it for what it is and then infuse it with our compassion, love and yes, a strong and steady hand. While we must stand up for what we feel is right for us and others, we must also understand and see the fear that drives people like Carl Sims towards corrupting their own lives for some little financial gain. We don’t want to fight corruption, we want to heal it. We don’t want to fight terrorism, we want to heal it. We don’t want to fight disease, we want to heal it.
Therefore, I ask you to consider the following: Whenever you become aware of any wrongdoings by others, let yourself be taken to the fear behind their actions, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of survival, the fear of loss, and finally the fear of death. Take a step back in your heart and mind and put yourself into their position. You will find it in your heart to be more compassionate towards them, for they don’t know what they are doing. If many of us did this in our own little ways, we could end the needless cycles of conflicts breeding conflicts. Being compassionate does not mean to be passive and allow someone to walk all over us. But since we attract towards us negative situations or people in order to help us become stronger where we are weak, we can always grow and learn from them. To heal the wounds of global conflict on this planet, we must heal the wounds in our own hearts first. I am writing about this because we are right now going through a critical phase where each little feeling could tip the fragile balance of life on the planet in one way or another. The transition into a new era doesn’t need to be painful, though, and each one of you can help make easier for the rest of us.
With love, light and many blessings,

Author Andreas Moritz claims he had his work stolen by Carl Sims of Namaste Publishing when Sims published his book without permission.

Sadly, Andreas Moritz has passed away but his books are still on sale.
From what we can ascertain, Carl Sims is an opportunist. Someone who will prey on the weak or gullible. Whatever his true intentions are in controlling Anne Greig, they are not compatible with the efforts of the many people who are pushing for the Hollie Greig story to be heard.
We welcome a proper response to this article by Carl Sims against the allegations made by Andreas Moritz.

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  1. 1

    larry lamb ,one happy sheep Says:
    Funny how Mr Watkins has NEVER said a word against SIMS
    What is the link between WATKINS/ SIMS /PARKER JOESPH
    Susanne NUNDY aka Anna Racoon
    Since they people have become involved the case has been derailed with the gross lies that Robert Green has retired ,accusations that his supporters are agents and it is my assumption,this is really up the junction

  2. 2

    I was a subscriber to Namaste for a year or so until I asked Carl Sims a couple of questions in relation to a few of his articles. His response was somewhat rude to say the least and certainly not of the philosophy Namaste professes on the first page of every issue.
    At this point I was certain that he was a dis-informer, subtlety spreading division amongst the populace.
    I wouldn’t trust the man as far as I could throw him and in the wise words of Fritz Springmeier ….”it is common for dis information to be put out using the technique whereby some 95% of information will be correct but it’s the 5% that is the clincher and fools everyone” or words to that effect.
    Trust your heart, I did and 5+ years on I find out what Carl Sims is really all about.
    kind regards

  3. 3

    ben van den brink Says:
    This one is a English radio broadcast we made about
    satanic child abuse and their networks

  4. 4

    ben van den brink Says:
    This one is a English radio broadcast we made about
    satanic child abuse and their networks,read the survivors
    remarks in England and Holland.

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