Angiolini backs cameras in court

Critics claim televising cases will lead to a ‘Hollywoodisation’ of trials

Mark Macaskill Published: 3 November 2013

Artist impression of courtroom at Edinburgh High CourtArtist impression of courtroom at Edinburgh High Court

ALLOWING television cameras into Scottish courtrooms would improve public confidence in the justice system and force lawyers to “sharpen up their performance”, according to one of the country’s most influential lawyers.
However, Dame Elish Angiolini, Scotland’s lord advocate between 2006 and 2011, expressed concern that trials could be selectively edited and trivialised to satisfy a public appetite for reality television.
Fresh guidelines planned by the Judicial Office for Scotland on broadcasting court proceedings are expected to pave the way for trials to be beamed live into homes across the country.
Last week, television broadcast a case in England’s Court of Appeal for the first time in a “landmark moment for justice and journalism”.
“I am cautiously in favour as I think transparent justice is important,” said Angiolini, principal of St Hugh’s college at Oxford University.

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