hahah matt quinn desperate stuff

AWOL ? I was visiting a sick relative deary me did I set Cameron house alight tae



Desperate lies from a bunch of  nonces.How that 6 inch slash on your 3 inch face you prick? lulz

I’m not sure that Ogilvy should, in fact, be encouraged to go out more at all. While he was AWOL the other night there was an incident at the home of a family he’s been harassing. A very young woman, home alone, had to summon the police to someone creeping around the back of their relatively isolated house. The cops were concerned enough to go and get her father from his work and give him a police escort back home! In fact, a policeman actually drove the man’s car back with him as a passenger – it’s the talk of the steamie locally! The police were also a good hour searching the back gardens, poor girl must have been terrified. Four coppers, a van and a traffic car all deployed on a Saturday night near Christmas when everything’s kicking off -that’s an awful lot of police resources, so they must have been genuinely concerned.

Probably sheer coincidence that Ogilvy wasn’t in his usual place banging away at his keyboard!





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