grobnob the racist writes his own C.V

reprinted under fair use

grobnob the racist writes his own C.V

  1. They’re not intellectuals, they’re emotional reacters. Coupled with poor education, bitterness, low achievements and almost non existent social skills they sit alone at their keyboards att empting to assert themselves. They’ll fly of the hand at anyone and spew their bitter self loathing as a projection onto others. The reason they seek out Sra cases is so they can bully and abuse people as paedophile hunters, giving themselves respectability. The reason they don’t question the cases is because they don’t care, they just want a cause they can follow to belittle the real truth seekers as they cut a swathe through anyone who crosses them.

    And as for their funding attempts ? They’re just pan handling bums and scammers, another reason they frequently fall out. Their in competition, All vying to be top dog. Top bitch would be more fitting a position.

    Wankers one and all.


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