grobnob the racist doesnt do irony …karen irving is el coyote

I’ve visited 3 of the sites in poland. majdaneck, auschwitz and birkenau. So i’m well versed in the horrific reality of antisemitism. it isn’t cat’s comments and sentiments that offend me as much as her ignorance and sense of entitlement to spread her filthy views in public. she’s a disgusting, bitter, mentally subnormal degenerate who needs to answer for her behaviour. And the cowering jelly arsed sack of sagging cellulite blocked me on twitter. soft little snowfl

Grobnob the racist

May 22, 2018·
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Ricky Dearman is White, English and holds down a full time job.
Ella Draper is Russian, a fad diet enthusiast and currently a fugitive who fled the UK after her children off her when abuse and neglect, both physical and emotion, had been proven to occurred.
Abe Christie is some dodgy looking foreigner of no fixed abode who the court established had threatened and coerced false statements from the children. He has also fled the UK.

Blame the White man,
Not a shred of evidence points to anything other than a blackmail plot over shard custody and access to the children following an acrimonious breakup and a rabid pack of internet lock in jobless morons pronounce an entire district to be carrying out 1,000s of ritual murders every


on hoaxstead





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