• Children’s Advocate Slams Grisham

Children’s Advocate Slams Grisham
Recently, John Grisham was quoted extensively on his views of kids and pornography. Grisham gave the impression that he felt the punishment was too much for predators and those who wish to take advantage of children.
One has to wonder what John Grisham was thinking. Why would he even convey such disgusting thoughts?
But now that his mindless awful views are out in public, what should a reader do?
Well, any self respecting reader would ditch his books in the nearest garbage can, remove any favorable review they wrote, and boycott such a pitiful figure.
Out of curiosity, I checked Mr. Grisham’s Amazon rankings that day. Incredibly, they were terrific. One would have thought such publicity would drain the life out of any book sale. Yet, society moves along as if his statements were trivial.
They’re not trivial. Any decent man or woman knows this. He gave empathy to the lowest of the low, predators who are like vultures, preying on the innocent. It was encouraging to see some readers’ responses. Some said they will no longer buy his books. Do you believe some people gave those thoughts a thumbs-down?
John Grisham has also apologized. Do you accept his apology?
His original remarks:
National Child Advocate Rose Morrisroe was, like many, outraged by Grisham’s original remarks and won’t be buying his books. Morrisroe, a public school teacher and author in New Jersey who has spoken before Congress about the rights of children, has produced a seminar that is being utilized on all educational levels.
“His apology came after the uproar,” she said. “He should be outraged at the act of child pornography and those who commit the heinous crime. To that, I believe, unlike Mr. Grisham, that child pornography is pedophilia. Does Mr. Grisham think children line up in support of disrobing and being molested for sport? People who enjoy looking at child pornography are pedophiles as the physical and emotional pain a child endures during the act of child porn is unthinkable and unimaginable. Mr. Grisham should have chosen his words wisely as they were devoid of any compassion for children who are victims of child pornography.”
Many have dismissed Grisham’s apology. Morrisroe believes any discussion about this sensitive subject is good for the country. “Many advocates, like myself, and child protection centers work feverishly to raise awareness and are breaking ground. It is my dream that as a country we put the safety and well-being of children first. Our greatest weapon in the battle against child abuse is knowledge.”
Apparently Grisham needs to be educated.
Rosey Morrisroe’s book, No Secrets Between Us, can be found here. It’s currently utilized by several schools as a teaching guide for both adults and children.
She is also the head of a child’s advocate group and welcomes your support on Facebook here.

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