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Director Overview

Greg Lance Watkins holds 0 appointments at 0 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 2 appointments at 2 dissolved companies. Greg is not registered as holding any current appointments.

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Greg holds a current appointment equals £0, with a combined assets value of £0 and liabilities of £0. Roles associated with Greg Lance Watkins within the recorded businesses include: Company Secretary

Registered Details

Short name Greg Lance Watkins
Year of Birth: 1946
Director ID: 906174911

Registered Address

17 Upper Church Street


0 appointments at 0 active companies
0 resigned appointments
2 appointments at 2 dissolved companies


Net Worth

Latest Accounts 31/12/2000   Category Total Exemption Small   Next Accounts due 30/09/2002. Visit the Accounts tab for previous years, PDF downloads and CSV extracts.

Company Summary

Mr Mark Beresford Dickens

Ex-Director of Maximumprocess Limited
Born 63 years ago: Apr 1951
Nationality: British
Location: Gloucestershire
Mr Mark Beresford Dickens was born in 1951 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1998 at Maximumprocess Limited. His most recent directorship was with Strategic Investments (Europe) Limited where he held the position of “Investment banker”. This company has been around since 09 Dec 1998 and lists its registered address as being in Gloucestershire. In total, Mark has held 2 directorships, 0 of which are current, and 2 are previous.

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