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start constant bleed, emergency hospital admission
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on Moday afternoon it was fairly apparent that I had an infection and had failed to flush it out of the system, antibiotic was the only viable solution, so I rang the Doctor’s surgery.
It was 16:30hrs. when I called and asked Clare for a rapid appointment – as ever I was offered an appointment ages hence, which I said was not acceptable at which stage she said, from my voice, is that Greg!
OK so that got me an appointment at 17:15hrs. with Dr. Smith
A urine check showed my normal blood & protein levels but clearly signs of infection – so it is down to antibiotics and the second sample sent to The Royal Gwent for a definitive result checking WHAT infection and also for cancer cells!
At about 22:00hrs. I start to pass blood with minor clotting!
As usual, at this time out of hours, I phoned the out of hours service and gave them my details & the duty doctor called back about 10 minutes later – I explained that the bleed might stop but if it continued it might block and that would leave me no time to jump through all the hoops and complete the paperwork over the phone and so my details were flagged so that one call would be adequate to trigger the system and I could immediately drive to The Gwent and they would arrange for my admission into SAU (Surgical Assesment Unit).
I went to bed setting the alarm for hourly wake up so that I could drink regularly through the night to try to keep flowing.
It worked but at about 1500hrs. I blocked and rang my own doctors Lee and I drove to the clinik and saw Dr. John Roberts who provided the needed paperwork and called the hospital as we travelled at some speed to the Gwent and SAU.
On arrival it was a short wait until the duty urology registrar arrived, a quick check and ime for a 3 way catheter (The large one!), it is then a process of using a large syringe and pump and extract to clear the clots which takes quite a while – thankfully it is not as bad as last January and was clear of blocking clots within about 1/2hr.
So then it was off to a trolley bed and connection to irrigation (with Flowfusor).
The bleed started to slow at about 21:30hrs. 20-N0v-2014 and at 04:30hrs. I was able to turn off the irrigation and was lucky that it didn’t start again so after doctor’s rounds I was allowed to leave and go home at 12:30hrs. on the 21st.
Before leaving the hospital I popped down to the urology unit and Maureen gave me a date for a Flexi. and will book me for a CT Scan.
It was interesting to note the coincidence that my admission was on the 18th. when my Heart Attack was on the 19-Nov two years ago.

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