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    george farquhar My name is George Farquhar. I am the founder of Project Freedom—Child Rights Watch. I am an investigator, researcher and campaigner, dedicated to the mass public exposure of secret societies’ child abuse networks and paedophile rings. For more than five years, I have been researching organised child abuse by certain high-profile members of our social services, who hide behind their secret-society-backed positions of power within the police and justice system, child care and social services and the mass media and medical industries.

    I have numerous examples of those networks of abuse and of the individuals involved, some of whom are publicly exposed on my website. Since I have been non-violently campaigning in and around Edinburgh against those crimes over the past two years, I have been arrested about eight times by Lothian and Borders police. Although I have been charged with breach of the peace and with failing to give a DNA sample on each of those arrests, I have been found guilty on only one charge of breach of the peace, about which I was later admonished.

    The circumstances surrounding my last arrest were a little different. I was arrested for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer who had falsified criminal charges and blatantly lied in court in relation to my possible conviction and imprisonment. Having been arrested by the police officer for that action, I was remanded in jail before being taken in front of Procurator Fiscal Smith at Edinburgh sheriff court. Procurator Fiscal Smith immediately lied to the court by stating that I had a history of similar offences, conveniently omitting the fact that I had been found not guilty on all charges bar one. Then, the procurator fiscal, while mumbling under his breath so that I would not be able to hear him, suggested that, because of my history, I should be detained for psychiatric reports.

    In addition to my trial, which was a kangaroo court, and that corrupt act to veil the truth, I am currently being detained in the Royal Edinburgh hospital, in a clinic for the criminally insane. Since my three months’ incarceration as a political prisoner, I have been forcibly injected nine times against my will with high doses of antipsychotic drugs while being held down by numerous hospital staff. That major abuse of human rights for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer is just one of the numerous cover-ups directed against my dedication to expose Government child abuse. I should be out in the street, non-violently campaigning, not incarcerated and drugged up like an insane criminal. Please do whatever you can to rectify the matter—not for my sake, but for all the children, who deserve safety and justice for the crimes perpetrated against them.

    Heard at the
    Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee
    Wednesday 29 October 2003


    Presently ONE of our founder members GEORGE FARQUHAR is being held under the Mental Health Act in a Scottish masonic persecution chamber within an Edinburgh Mental health hospital under the care of a Dr.Crichton, Redwood Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside Terrace, Edinburgh

    Any doubts as to WHY George is being held can be found by trying to open his previous site at Project Freedom which redirects any visitor to the propaganda site which compliments itself in trying to force ALL web hosters not to publish anything which will expose their EVIL hold on the worlds media and now trying to impose the same on the NET.

    ANGEL city web hosting site must be involved in that redirection
    and how deeply that involvement goes depends on how quickly they can have web sites removed from any web hosting site.

    We can say with certainty that the mass media throughout the world have failed to address the issues of that control and now the same is being applied to STOP exposure on the NET of what can only be described as the biggest conspiracy EVER against humanity . Everything is touched by that EVIL force and none more so than our LEGAL systems which presently prey on our vulnerable and extort multi billion dollar/pounds from us all while abusing our children.

    It is a sinister system implicated in the Dunblane massacre and possible cover up of the mass murderer Dr. Harold Shipman . So called professionals who obtain immunity by swearing oaths and allegiances to an evil regime which is deeply imbedded in the government ,,judiciary,police and all government agencies in the UK.

    Our member is held by those persecutive forces because they FEAR they are at long last being EXPOSED like never before while they protect mass murderers and child abusers . ALL good people need to make a concerted stand against this evil as we are ALL only one or two steps away from where George is being held . Permanent incarceration in their MASONIC chambers using MENTAL HEALTH to suggest that anyone who attacks their evil system cannot be right in the head. Indeed it is the other way about how they THINK they can deceive the world indefinitely .A free voice and the ability to continue to expose the injustices which flow from that control must be continued without interference in our god given right to EXPOSE those who protect that breathtaking criminality.

    Let no one underestimate what is happening here as it makes the Third Reichs ventures in Germany PALE by comparison. Except with a MASS MEDIA cover up who are deeply involved in its protection. Also we believe they have had a show of strength by MARCHING in EDINBURGH on Saturday 9 Aug 2003 during the FRINGE festival the biggest in the world for entertainment . We wonder what SIGN that shows to the world were their bigotry and hatred are openly displayed in the streets at a supposed carnival time. This is the very period which George uses to protest but instead this year remains incarcerated behind those evil persecutive walls.


    george farquhar SCOTTISH & UK Psychiatrists ,police and the judiciary are implicated in that masonic persecution and unlawful detention. IS the Mental Health Act a MASONIC PERSECUTION DEVICE now being used to lock up anyone opposed to an evil system controlling much of our lives and the world?

    Previously published on forum

    All – Are there any complaints to the posting up of URL’s and their particular complaint addresses of any websites that I or any other members feel are slanderous/harmful to FM (in the same vein as ‘stop child’). So that other members can view them and then if they agree can also complain. The more complaints the better the chance of the site being removed, as we saw with ‘

    I believe that there is too much rubbish on the Internet about FM and that this rubbish has been allowed to sit there and corrupt/sway the populous with out complaint for far too long. Most of it seems bizarre to those in the know but to the populous at large it is plausible if not truthful stuff. It is about time some of it was removed, even if it’s only a small proportion of what exists.

    So are there any complaints to me starting such a thread ?
    Due to be initiated Nov 5th, into; The lodge of Fidelity #445, UGLE.


    M.A.S.O.N. Masons Against Slanderous Offensive Nonsense

    THE LINK TO GEORGE FARQUHAR’s SITE (George presently being held under the mental health act in an Edinburgh Psychiatric ward) has been attacked and been taken over by a group who now have this site linked to there own masonic site at

    Information from this site states

    Web Site Shut Down Another To Go In June.
    members of M.A.S.O.N. were pleased to assist in a campaign against a web site making claims that Freemasons were involved in ritual Child abuse. The site, hosted by blueyonder, was shut down after many letters and emails of complaint. However, the author of this site has another located at and containing the same offensive and unsubstantiated content.

    We are asking everyone to view this site and if you are in agreement that it is inappropriate, to please send a letter of complaint to is only through repeated effort that such slanderous offensive nonsense can be eradicated.

    Part of the purpose of M.A.S.O.N. is to monitor Anti-Masonic organizations. What follows is a list of the top ten Anti-Masonic organizations according to their ranking on the Internet and their use of misinformation. These sites are presented that the visitor may examine them to see the ludicrous nature of their claims for themselves.

    David Icke
    Chick Publications
    Cutting Edge Ministries
    Freemasonry Watch
    Ankerg Theolgical Institute
    Power of Prophesy
    Cephas Ministry
    Ephesians 5:11 Inc.
    Saints Alive In Jesus

    All rankings, shown above, are based on information provided by


    We write firstly to express our disgust that one of our founder members George Farquhar ,a human rights activist, being held under the mental health act for taking a picture of policeman who lied in court against George during a breach of the peace charge while he was protesting. Also the despicable way visitors and supporters are being treated by the staff in your hospital.

    1.What rule forces visitors to have to provide detailed information including National Insurance numbers to your staff which clearly breaches ECHR convention rights and affects how a visitor would view entering such a place when private information is sought?

    2.Why did your staff lie by stating you have no email contacts when there is an extensive list on your website at ?

    3.Why did your nurse Blades becoming extremely rude on the phone when asked why visitors were turning away from visiting George because of your requirement to provide detailed private information of those visitors. What RULES are being used to thwart visitors to see George.

    4.What grounds have been used by a Dr.Billcliff to certify George under the mental health act for taking a picture of a policeman who lied in court ? We are witness to that court hearing were those lies were blatantly made.

    You should be aware we have a worldwide network of contacts and have also provided the mass media with detailed information surrounding Georges treatment and persecution by a state bully boy network which includes a conspiracy to incarcerate anyone exposing abuse of power and corruption of those involved in the legal process.Something that will continue despite the methods being used to undermine Georges rights and freedoms. This is a grave miscarriage of justice which implicates ALL who are involved in that conspiracy.


    Only one of many MASONIC judges who have been destroying thousands of lives across Scotland. All of them protecting each other from their fraud and corruption.

    For anyone unfamiliar with Lothian he was the judge who locked up IMO member George Farquhar in a mental hospital for exposing the very things this article reports.

    George was being forced by 8 nurses onto the ground before being injected with a chemical cosh to destroy his mind. We called him daily and heard his whole personna slip away before our actions to the Scottish Parliament got him released. His speech the day he was released to go to the Scottish Parliament was maybe the single most important speech that has EVER been made there SEE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.

    His demise should give all Georges supporters a lovely warm glow . Lothian like many other Scottish judges is an evil bastard who deserves to be hung drawn and quartered for the lives he has destroyed.

    One down another few hundred to go. RIGHT!!!!!!!!

    George’s speech to the Scottish Parliament can be read AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE

    SLEAZY sheriff Andrew Lothian is a wife-beating drunk who’s obsessed with prostitutes, his ex-wife reveals. The shamed 66-year-old was forced to quit the bench after claims he paid for spanking and whipping sessions with an Edinburgh hooker. But today the News of the World can expose the shocking secrets of his sordid private life. According to long-suffering ex-wife Harriet Lothian, the twisted beak:

    TRIED to make her have sex with strangers while he watched

    ADMITTED using prostitutes during their marriage

    DOWNED at least a bottle of spirits every day, and

    BATTERED her while their unsuspecting kids slept upstairs.

    Speaking at length for the first time since her ex-husband’s sauna shame, disgusted Harriet, 57, below, said: “I’m surprised it took so long for his activities to be exposed. “I tried repeatedly to alert the police and the Crown to his unsuitability for office because of his behaviour, but to no avail. “I suffered greatly at his hands, both during our marriage and for many years after I divorced him.”

    We told last November how Lothian quit his £125,000-a-year job after Crown Office bosses confronted him about allegations over his private life. But, according to Harriet his obsession with sordid sex had been going on for years. Lothian’s wife of 19 years said: “Sexually, there were problems from an early stage in the marriage.

    “I found it so unsettling that I sought advice from my father, who was a doctor, and who I could talk to about anything. “Andrew was into kinky but fairly inadequate sex. He also had fantasies about introducing third parties, men or women, into the bedroom.

    “I had no interest, but he kept asking me to do it to please him. “I refused because I found the idea repulsive. He said he could pay people to make his fantasies come true.”

    Harriet suspected her hubby was using hookers during their marriage. And she told how her elderly father was forced to confront Lothian about the sleazy claims. Harriet said: “He confessed without any shame. He told me he had lost his virginity at 16 to a prostitute, and that he’d always been turned on by them. “I was devastated. I told him I’d never have unprotected sex with him again but he was totally unrepentant.

    “Once his obsession was out in the open, he became more demanding. If he was out at a dinner, he would bring men home and want me to have sex with them while he watched. “I would have to throw them out, which was embarrassing. I found the idea repugnant. Apart from anything else, I had children in the house. “My father was 68, but was very close to me and he had no hesitation in speaking to Andrew and telling him to shape up.”

    The couple had married on December 28, 1983, after a whirlwind romance. Lothian already had a son, also Andrew, from the first of two previous marriages, and Harriet had a young son, James, from a previous relationship. Two years after their wedding, Harriet gave birth to their son Robert, but already the foundations of the marriage were beginning to crumble. She says: “By the time Robert came along, I had serious concerns about his father’s alcoholism and how terribly ill it was making him. He was drinking at least a bottle of spirits a day, and that was just what I was witnessing. He was in a mess.

    “I went home with Robert on New Year’s Day 1986 and Andrew was in such a terrible state that he became abusive. I threw a milk bottle at him and hit him on the side of the head. “The next day, I insisted he saw a doctor, and he agreed because his mother was in the house. Harriet tried to alert senior legal officals to her husband’s alcohol abuse but was snubbed at every turn.

    Things spiralled further out of control and by Christmas 1996 Harriet demanded Lothian move out. She said: “His language became more abusive. There were implied threats of violence and the odd punch to the side of the head where no visible marks were left, but I was still shocked by what happened then.” Harriet told how their sons, James, now 27, and Robert, now 23, were in their bedrooms when a huge row erupted on Christmas Eve that year. She claims Lothian slapped her hard in the face, before punching her full on the nose. As their shocked mother took refuge in the bathroom, where she tried to stem the flow of blood, both sons plucked up the courage to leave their rooms and go to her aid.

    With her face badly marked and her eyes beginning to blacken, the family went through the motions the next day, exchanging presents and eating dinner — but the mood was understandably bleak. Harriet said: “Until that point, I’d been trying to hold things together for my sons, but I couldn’t go on with the charade. No child should have to see their mother pouring with blood from a blow their father has struck. It was a total nightmare.” Robert said: “I remember clearly what happened that night and it sickens me the way he behaved. It is more than ten years since I have spoken to him. “When I was 12 I wrote him a letter telling him I wanted nothing to do with him.”

    Following the attack Harriet demanded that Lothian move out of the family home in Lauder, Berwickshire. She wept: “I feared for the safety of our sons. I had no choice.” But in summer 2001 Lothian — then living in Edinburgh — launched a court bid to SELL the house. She said: “The move was especially hurtful as Robert was about to start his Higher courses.

    “It was also difficult to understand as Andrew had inherited a six-figure sum the previous year when his mother died.” Lothian’s partner at that time, Eleanor Burns, daughter of Sir John and Lady Eleanor Burns, had also inherited a substantial sum on the death of her mother, just a week before Catriona Lothian’s death. By 2002, when they finally divorced, Harriet claims that Lothian enjoyed a six-figure salary whilst Harriet took care of their children and could only work part-time as a rape crisis counsellor. In the end she had to pay Lothian £28,000 to buy him out of the family home and finish the marriage.

    Lothian and his brother Murdoch were subject to an Inland Revenue investigation in 2000 after claiming the contents of their late mother’s Stirling home were worth a mere £5,000. This included antique furniture, jewellery, silver, paintings and pottery. It’s understood the Inland Revenue later valued the list at £300,000. But Harriet still wishes justice had been done for the assault she endured in 1996. She said: “Successive governments on both sides of the border have claimed to wage war on domestic violence.

    “There was an opportunity for the Scottish establishment to show there was substance behind the platitudes by taking action against a senior lawyer. But typically, they covered his back.” Now self-employed in horticulture, Harriet added: “I have to work extremely hard to make a living. Andrew’s disgrace has not made life any easier, but I feel vindicated.”

    Lothian served on the Glasgow bench from 1979 to 1992 before moving to Edinburgh. He’s expected to keep his £7,000-a-month pension. He was unavailable to comment on the allegations.

  • SOURCE (Now pulled after NOWT collapsed)

    lothian This evil bastard of a judge sent one of the International Mens Organisation members to a mental hospital for taking a picture of a cop who lied in a previous trial. Despite repeated forced injections of anti-psychotic drugs this SPECULATIVE MEMBER and HIGH LEVEL masonic judicial crook imposed on George, we eventually raised an action at the Scottish Parliament to expose what they were doing to him and he was released.

    He should have been JAILED but instead retires on £7,000 per month and shows why the independence the judicial mobsters in Scotland have GIVEN themselves , lets them get away with murder. He was protected for years by masonic judges,masonic cops and a masonic controlled mass media.

    Sheriff accused of taking part in spanking and whipping session at sauna quits. A SHERIFF has sensationally quit after being accused of paying for spanking and whipping sessions with hookers.
    Andrew Lothian stood down after admitting he visited a sleazy sauna. His shock exit came after a prostitute told the Sunday Mail she was regularly paid £50 to whip him at Carol’s in Edinburgh. She claimed Lothian visited as recently as Wednesday, when he paid £180 for a threesome with her and another girl. Claims about the 66-year-old sheriff first emerged as police investigated the alleged blackmail of a Halifax Bank of Scotland worker.

    Two brothers charged with the crimes told officers they had video evidence of the sheriff with the hooker – who has been charged with the same blackmail plot. It is unclear when Lothian, who earned £125,000 a year, was first challenged about his vice sessions at the sauna in Easter Road, Leith. But on Friday he was confronted by bosses at a meeting and agreed to quit immediately.

    The Crown Office said: “Following allegations that were made on Friday about his private life Sheriff Andrew Lothian made the decision to retire with immediate effect.” The official website of Carol’s Sauna describes it as “Edinburgh’s best kept secret” and boasts it is run by a “charming local couple”. It adds: “The ladies here at Carol’s are a delightful selection and are predominantly Scottish.

    “Furthermore, each is keen to show their customers how much they appreciate their custom and will always give cl ients a fantastic welcome!” Pictures show a series of dingy bedrooms with mirrored walls. Owner Tom Punton last night said: “I don’t want to comment.”

    The hooker at the centre of the storm, a 30-year-old single mum from nearby Musselburgh, said: “The sheriff liked being whipped more than anything. “He paid £20 to get into Carol’s and he would pay me £50 . “I first met him two years ago after I started working there. “The other girls all knew him and they told me he was a sheriff.

    “It became a bit of a joke that we would need to get the whip out every time we saw him coming in. “He sometimes picked me, but he also chose other girls working on the same shift in the sauna. “I used to ask him if he was on his lunch hour but he was cagey about what he did for a living.

    “He didn’t realise it was well known among all the girls there. “One of them had seen him wearing his wig in court but we are told to be discreet and not to ask punters questions they don’t want to answer. “He was actually in on Wednesday. “He paid £180 for me and another girl.

    “He wanted us to put on a show for him then he joined in. “I know the police were made aware of what he’s been up to when they were investigating me and two other men for something else. “I know the men told the police they had a video of him with other prostitutes but I have never been spoken to by police about the sheriff.” Sauna customers are rarely prosecuted but owners can be convicted of living off immoral earnings. If he had remained on the bench, Lothian could have faced claims he risked a conflict of interest and left himself open to blackmail.

    A spokesman for Lothian and Borders police refused to comment. Sheriffs usually carry on until they are 70, which means Lothian is leaving his job four years early. Two days after his visit to Carol’s he spent his last day in Edinburgh Sheriff Court dealing with drink-driving, assault and fraud cases. He took over from Sheriff Alastair Noble in court five at around 10.30am and handled several cases.

    One involved a elderly man who pleaded guilty to obtaining £8000 in benefits to which he was not entitled. Others included a young woman who admitted punching a girl at a party and a man who admitted being drunk and driving his girlfriend’s car without having a licence or insurance. Lothian was accused in the mid-90s of beating his estranged first wife Harriet in the family home. In 1999 Harriet went public after she became angry at the Crown Office’s refusal to prosecute.

    In 2001 it emerged that Lothian used one of his own courts to try to have Harriet evicted from her home in the Borders. She claimed it was unfair his £100,000 civil action seeking the sale of the house was heard by a colleague of Lothian at Selkirk Sheriff Court, where he sometimes presided. Lothian was also once investigated by the Inland Revenue.

    It was claimed he failed to declare valuable paintings and antiques in order to avoid paying inheritance tax. The two brothers in the alleged blackmail plot are on remand awaiting trial after making a first appearance at Haddington Sheriff Court.

  • Senior judge retires on £7,000 a month after sauna visit revealed
  • Sheriff resigns over claims he visited sauna
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