From a post:  I want to share this video about Nancy Shaefer. She was a senator, and has a book + a documentary coming out about corruption in CPS, which tied into the pedophile elite.
She was shut down, they shot her in the back while sleeping AND her husband in the chest! Double murder.
Massmedia has completely buried this. The more we acknowledge the people that die the less can they kill. Because after a while it becomes OBVIOUS and it hits a tipping point. Also know that they kill as last resort, it means they are desperate and can’t control it another way.
I also mention Roger Stone who just had 2 SERIOUS attacks on his life. Will they try a third time? They don’t want him to testify and break apart the Trump-Russia narrative. That’s why they are killing him even though he’s old.
INFOWARS EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Secret Pedophile Marketplace
Infowars reporter Millie Weaver takes us on an in-depth investigation inside the internet black market known as the ‘dark net’ or ‘deep web’. With the aid of an anonymous source who has used their expertise in computer technology to assist the FBI in investigations regarding the sexual exploitation of children, Infowar Reporter Millie Weaver exposes the where and how pedophiles, traffickers and travel clubs use the internet as a marketplace to indulge in nightmarish perversions.
From Illuminati Exposed:
Less than one year ago, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was convicted and sentenced to a measly 15 months in jail after being labelled a ‘serial child rapist’ by a judge for molesting four boys in 2015. Hastert paid someone referred to as “Individual A” $3.5 million in hush money.
FBI translator whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett covered the real Dennis Hastert case back in October, 2015, that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare touch. Sibel is quoted calling the Hastert scandal “too deep, too dark” and said that it “covers too many people from both sides of the political aisle for it to ever proceed in public.” Sibel relentlessly exposed the Hastert story once stating “Pedophiles run the government and no-one gives a damn! Do you care?”..
Goldman Sachs Emails Sent To Podesta About His Fellow Pedophile Friend Dennis Hastert-
In the emails Richard L. “Jake” Siewert, Jr. the head of corporate communications for Goldman Sachs, forwards John Podesta with the subject line: “Tax Breaking News” a politico story about Dennis Hastert. Siewert then says to John Podesta, “Might be time for Denny to vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island.” Podesta never replied or his reply hasn’t been found yet..

except for people like Melanie Shaw

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