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Father Attacks Pedophile, Larry Nassar In Middle Of Courtroom

The father of three daughters who were sexually abused by pedophile Larry Nassar lunged to attack the predator doctor in the middle of Michigan courtroom on Friday. Randall Margraves stood at the podium watching his two daughters read their victim statements in Eaton County Court when they finished, Margraves then asked the Judge Janice Cunningham if he could have five minutes with alone in a room with ‘this demon.’When the judge denied the father’s request for a minute alone with the child molester, he then lunged towards the defense table and raised his fist before he was tackled to the ground by deputies.

Almost 100 women and former child abuse victims will testify in court this week sharing accounts of the horrifying sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of Larry Nassar, a predatory USA Gymnastics coach who abused hundreds of girls.The victim, Olivia Cowan, accused the Gymnastics organization of repeatedly ignoring ongoing complaints about Nassar’s abuse and general conduct stating that they are complicit in their role in the abuse they suffered as children.

“You failed all of us, and for that, I see you in the same category of criminal as I do the criminal standing before us today,” Olivia Cowan said in court on Tuesday, addressing the roles of USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.The victim’s gut-wrenching tales of abuse and lasting effects are expected to get highly emotional, but according to the chief public affairs officer for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Kristen Houser, the statement may be a form of therapy.

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