Bankrupt battle peer dies

8 Jun 1995

LORD Erskine of Rerrick, who joked about leaving his testicles to the

bank which declared him bankrupt after claiming it ”had no balls”,

died yesterday aged 69.

The colourful but penniless peer had been suffering from cancer of the

prostate and died in Trinity Hospice, south London.

”We knew he was very ill and his death was imminent,” said Lady

Erskine. ”But he was very courageous. He was just an amazing man.”

She said: ”He joked about leaving his testicles to the Royal Bank of

Scotland — with whom he has an ongoing battle — because he said they

didn’t have any balls. He had a wonderful sense of humour — he’s

probably up there now laughing at this conversation.”

Iain Maxwell Erskine, rumoured to be involved with MI6, was declared

bankrupt in 1991 after a long battle to secure money left to him in

secret accounts by his father, who was general manager of one of the

banks which merged into the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The former 2nd lieutenant of the Grenadier Guards, company director

and professional photographer, lived in Cyprus until just over a year


Lady Erskine said the funeral would only be attended by herself and

his three daughters from previous marriages.

the father of Iain M E seems to have had top Banking jobs, so odd that his son had battles to get his money
also he was Governor of Northern Ireland from 1964 to 1968
 spent a lot of time growing up in Thailand

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