6 October, 2016 
Rt Hon Dame Margaret  Hodge MP,
House of Commons,
Dear Dame
Open letter:  persistence of paedophile rings in
London and throughout the UK
Thank you for your reply to my
letter.  My own MP, Alan Campbell,
has been repeatedly consulted, and found himself unable to assist in this
matter, which is in any case of national, rather than constituency,
significance.  My reason for
applying to you, even though you are not my representative, is that you, more
than most other MPs, must surely have a burning interest in bringing an end to
institutionalised child abuse and the protection it continues to receive from
 powerful people (see document
Two years ago, when interviewed by the Daily Telegraph,
you made this statement:
“I have apologised a number of times over the last 10
years for our failure to understand about child abuse and take children’s voices
seriously in the Eighties. I am sorry. Our naivety was shameful and I’m really
glad we’ve learned since then the importance of listening to the voices of
children who have been abused.”
I think the saying is, “Fool me once,
shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”
Please read the full transcript of the
interview given by a Metropolitan Police whistleblower in relation to the
continuing abuse of children in state ‘care’, in London and further afield.  This is not a historical matter, nor is
it a matter for public inquiry. 
Prosecutions are what is required, and immediate relief for the children
whose lives are currently being blighted and, indeed, lost, while Parliament
marks time.
By taking this matter up in the
House and making it your particular concern, you have an opportunity to go
beyond ineffectual mea culpas, and to make some concrete restitution for the
tragedies which have resulted, and are still resulting, from your former
Yours sincerely,
Gillian Swanson
Transcript of interview with Metropolitan Police whistleblower, John: 16
July, 2016

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