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Dear Ms Sturgeon,
Open letter:  Your refusal to uphold the rule of
Thank you for your acknowledgement of my letter received by you on 5
August, 2016.
The hounding of the Docherty family which was unlawfully instigated by
Police Scotland after Brian Docherty reported a man who offered him £25,000 for
“access” to his four-year-old autistic son continues; the four Docherty children
remain in ‘care’, in the Republic of Ireland; their perfectly sane parents are
remorselessly pursued, with a view to sectioning them (shades of the old USSR);
Scottish institutions sink further and further into a mire of corruption, as no
attempt is made to remove the rogue elements busily engaged in debasing them;
and you indicate, by off-loading the responsibility onto other, less potentially
effective, shoulders, that all this has nothing to do with you.
Are you happy to be presiding over a country where the powers of law
enforcement are conferred, in the words of prominent Scottish journalist and
supporter of the SNP, Kevin McKenna, on a “feral and out-of-control police
force” which, armed with guns and accountable to nobody but itself, is “running
amok” ?  Which, far from maintaining law and order, has apparently entered
into a criminal conspiracy with a foreign government to attack those whose lives
and property it is paid to protect ?
kind of independent Scotland do you envisage ?  Is it one where the rule of
law no longer holds sway ?  Where criminals masquerading as police officers
terrorise the population, and children can be stolen, screaming, from their
parents by virtue of fabricated “concern reports” ?
note, once again: Janice and Brian Docherty have never been accused of any
crime. No valid case against them has been advanced in a Scottish court. 
No trial is taking place, or, indeed, likely to take place.  You would not,
therefore, be violating the separation of powers, should you choose to intervene
on their behalf.  You would simply be upholding the rule of law, and the
right of law-abiding people to be left in peace.
there is no evidence, beyond unsubstantiated allegations elicited by Police
Scotland and dismissed out of hand by an inconveniently honest judge in an Irish
court, to suggest that Janice and Brian Docherty are anything but irreproachable
parents.  Indeed, the appointed guardian ad litem has written to
them as follows: 

“From my own perspective as a children’s Guardian Ad
Litem, I can assure you that I believe, and have informed the court, that you
have four wonderful children whose presentation, abilities, sensitivity and care
for one another is testament to you both and the loving which you have provided
to the children.”  You would, therefore, only be endorsing this lady’s
unbiased professional opinion, should you intervene with the Irish government to
restore the Docherty children to their loving parents.

You know, and the Dochertys know, and those of us who have been writing to
you on behalf of the Dochertys know, that there is no lawful reason for you to
refrain from offering this family your assistance.  Please stop spinning
‘the line’ that there is.
Yours sincerely,
Gillian Swanson  MA (Oxon)

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