1 July, 2016

Chief Constable Philip Gormley,

Police Scotland

 Dear Chief Constable Gormley,

Open letter: queries regarding the conduct of Police Scotland in relation to the Docherty family

As a UK citizen, and a member of an extensive Scottish family, I would be grateful if you would

answer the following questions in relation to the removal of the four Docherty children from the

care of their loving parents, and the continuing terrorisation of Brian and Janice Docherty.

1        How can Police Scotland justify not investigating the man who offered Brian Docherty

£25,000 for “access” to his autistic son, when the man in question has admitted that he did,

in fact, do so ?

2        Why, less than twenty-four hours after Brian Docherty reported that Alan Low, the

occupant of a neighbouring property on Viscount Petersham’s Crimonmogate estate, had

offered him £25,000 for “access” to his autistic four-year- old son, did Sergeant Buchan, of

Police Scotland, Fraserburgh, arrive on his doorstep and attempt to persuade Mr Docherty,

with considerable persistence, that there was nothing to be concerned about ?

3        Since Viscount Petersham has admitted to being a friend of the alleged paedophile Alan

Low, why did Aberdeen social services not investigate the well-being of his family, instead of

focussing on the Dochertys, who had no previous dealings with the man in question ?

4         Why did PC Lamont, the female officer who allegedly wrote a concern report to social

services attacking Mr and Mrs Docherty and their children, have no knowledge of the

contents of her own report ?

5         What allegations are made against the Dochertys in the notes sent to the Irish Garda by

Police Scotland, and why have Brian and Janice Docherty never, in the two years since they

were written, been permitted to see them ?

6        After the Dochertys took sanctuary in Ireland, why did Police Scotland send an email to all

Irish police stations asking for information on their whereabouts, when they had never been

accused of committing any crime ?

7        Why, after the Dochertys took sanctuary in Ireland, did Police Scotland coordinate three

meetings with the Irish Garda and social services ?

8        Garda officers claimed that they had been alerted to the Dochertys’ whereabouts by

Interpol, and that their case was top priority. Interpol have stated that they have no

knowledge of the matter. Somebody is lying. Who was, in fact, responsible for instructing

the Garda to raid the Dochertys’ home on 28 January 2015 and remove the children from

their parents ?

9         By what authority have the Docherty children again been seized, without the presentation

of either a warrant or court documents ? Does the necessary documentation even exist ?

10     Why was DS MacDougall of Police Scotland authorised to travel out of the Scottish

jurisdiction to testify against Mr and Mrs Docherty’s mental health ? On whose authority did

he undertake to do this ? Is it normal procedure, in Police Scotland, to send officers abroad

to testify against the mental health of members of the public who have reported, not

committed, a crime ?

11     Who is authorising the remorseless, and continuing, surveillance and persecution of the

Docherty family, which has not stopped short of life-threatening physical attacks on them,

their children and their pets ? What agencies and police services have been utilised in this

campaign of terror against them ?

12     When the Dochertys wrote to the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland

(a man who had previously been Deputy Chief Constable of Police Scotland, under Stephen

House) to complain about the aggressive surveillance being inflicted on their family, they

received in reply an email, signed by a staff sergeant, which read, “Dear Mr and Mrs

Docherty, PSNI does not discuss intelligence matters.” Please will you explain how this

family poses a threat to the nation’s security ?

13     When a judge has dismissed the case against the Dochertys and stated that the family

should not be pursued by the original case notes from Scotland, since these are without

merit, why have Police Scotland continued to utilise those same notes as a basis for further

persecution of the family ?

14     Please will you state in detail the precise allegations made by Police Scotland against the

Dochertys ?

15     Given the refusal to investigate an alleged paedophile, the subsequent unremitting

persecution, for no discernible reason, of a law-abiding family, and the Police Investigations

and Review Commissioner’s upholding of twelve out of the Dochertys’ complaints against

your force, do you agree that there are reasonable grounds for a public investigation into

Police Scotland’s conduct in the handling of this case ?

I look forward to hearing straightforward answers to these questions.

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Swanson MA (Oxon)

Corrections: 2 August, 2016: DS McDougall is incorrect, and should be replaced by DS MacDougall.

Also, the PIRC upheld eleven of the the Dochertys’ twelve complaints against Police Scotland, not all


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