Rt Hon Theresa May MP

House of Commons

London, SW1A 0AA

20 November, 2014

Dear Mrs May,

Open Letter: Apparent establishment cover-up of systematic abuse and murder of children

As further mainstream revelations continue to confirm what has long been common currency in the alternative media, it is surely time for the Government to stop wriggling on the hook and recognise that what is required is not a sanitised wiping of the slate regarding the crimes of deceased MPs and VIPs by an establishment-led inquiry. If some degree of trust and respect is ever to be returned to our institutions, those still living who have been named as rapists and murderers by survivors of abuse, including suspects who continue to enjoy positions of prestige and influence, must be properly investigated and, if sufficient evidence exists, brought to trial: particularly as, unlike Cyril Smith MP, they currently enjoy carte blanche to continue with their alleged criminal perversions.

Prominent names which crop up again and again are, among others, those of Leon Brittan and Kenneth Clarke. I understand that the police consider the latter to be above the law. This is outrageous. One would have thought that, if innocent, these men would be only too eager to have any evidence against them made public so that they might be given a chance to defend their reputations before a jury. The failure of the CPS to allow them this opportunity, while simultaneously arresting, on the flimsiest of evidence or, indeed, on trumped-up charges, whistleblowers such as Melanie Shaw, who testifies to the systematic abuse and murder of children at Beechwood Home in Nottingham, or Robert Green, the champion of abused Down’s Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, is fatally undermining faith in British justice.

It is heartening that significant numbers of MPs are now giving credence, under the sheer weight of testimony coming forward, to allegations which for years have been arbitrarily dismissed by those in positions of power. I understand that some of these brave representatives are now coming under threat from parties wishing to ensure that the official cover-up continues. One can only hope that they have the courage to continue to press their point and insist not only upon an inquiry into the crimes of dead men and ageing celebrities, but on the prosecution and sentencing of living perpetrators of abuse and murder, however wealthy and influential they may be.

Yours sincerely,




Gillian Swanson MA Oxon

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