Dear All
Is anyone in the central Scotland area able to join me for a Free-Robert-Green demo in Perth on Saturday 3rd May? if so can you email me and I’ll let you know where & what time we’ll be congregating (which don’t want to divulge in advance) but it will be at a convenient time of that day & location in the town and I’ll also send you my mobile number in case of any difficulty hooking up with us.
Enough of this nonsense, we’re going to get Robert out of HMP Perth. I’ve been informed that although you can be on remand for up to 110 days in Scotland, the cut-off time for actually being held in custody is 80 days prior to trial, following which if no trial has taken place the remandee should be released on bail. (But whether anyone up there still adheres to the law & conventional protocols when it comes to protecting Paedophilia Scotland/UK is anyone’s guess…)
80 days from 13th February brings us to Tuesday May 6th if I’ve counted right – SO???
A propos, re. the Release Robert Green on Compassionate Grounds PETITION I’m not quite happy with the way it’s going which is a steady trickle (420 or so signatures in 6 days when I last checked this afternoon) when we need a DELUGE of signatures to get a sick National Hero out of prison asap.
I’ve been told by several people they had trouble logging into the sign-up page which indicates that possibly a lot of you have been having trouble with the link I sent previously so here’s what I’ve been assured is a better link, I really hope this works, if so PLEASE RE-CIRCULATE to your network, with apologies for asking you to repeat the exercise but this is important as you know.

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