How the media’s failings allow Gerry Adams to rewrite history

The Sinn Fein president’s account of contacts with his suspected paedophile brother Liam is falling apart. So why do TV and newspapers treat him with kid gloves, asks Suzanne Breen

It’s a cover-up that rivals anything the Catholic Church could conduct.

While the sins of the bishops who moved paedophile priests from parish to parish are finally catching up with them, Sinn Fein is lying and prevaricating its way out of Liam Adams’s involvement in the party. And it’s getting away with it.
Sinn Fein said that Liam Adams – wanted by the PSNI on charges of repeatedly raping his daughter Aine Tyrell from the age of four – played a short-lived, minor role in the party.
Louth TD Arthur Morgan claimed “he was never a party officer”. Last weekend’s Sunday Tribune revealed that was untrue.
Liam Adams was Sinn Fein’s most senior officer in Co Louth. He was chairman of the Louth comhairle ceantair in 1996, liaising directly with the national leadership. It’s inconceivable Gerry Adams didn’t know this.
Gerry Adams said he believed his brother was a paedophile from the moment Aine made her allegations in 1987. Yet 10 years later, he went canvassing with Liam through the streets of Dundalk in the southern general election. Photos show them laughing and smiling.
This was at a time when Sinn Fein had previously led us to believe Liam had been expelled from the party and was estranged from Gerry. Would Peter Robinson, Jim Allister or Mark Durkan get away with taking someone they believed to be a paedophile on a canvass? I think not.
Yet Gerry Adams is enjoying an unbelievably easy ride from the media. Other politicians have been pursued for far less. Iris Robinson was hounded over anti-gay comments she made. Her remarks were debated and condemned in countless newspaper pages and radio and television programmes.
While Mrs Robinson’s comments appalled all of us who cherish equality and support gay rights, let’s remember – they were only words. Iris Robinson didn’t bring someone suspected of physically or sexually assaulting gay people with her on a canvass.
And look at what happened Paul Berry. He was immediately suspended by the DUP over allegations that he had a consensual sexual liaison with an adult male in a Belfast hotel room. The media wagon circled and Berry’s DUP career was over.

no kneecapping for this nonce eh Gerry

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