Gerry Adams in deathbed visit to paedophile brother Liam

Gerry Adams in deathbed visit to paedophile brother Liam

Exclusive – Rapist receiving end of life care

Gerry adams
Gerry adams

By Ciaran Barnes

Former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has paid a deathbed visit to his dying paedophile brother Liam Adams.

The ex-West Belfast MP was spotted at a Belfast hospice in which his convicted rapist sibling is receiving end-of-life cancer care.

A republican source said: “Whether to visit Liam before he dies presented Gerry with a terrible dilemma. In the end he called to his bedside to say his goodbyes.”

Family of other hospice residents spoke of their shock at seeing Mr Adams on the premises.

One said: “It was obvious that he was up to visit Liam. There are two prison guards standing at the door of the room where he is being treated at all times. Gerry was with him for quite some time.”

Sinn Fein refused to comment on Mr Adams’s deathbed visit to his ailing sibling Liam (63), who was moved from Maghaberry Prison to the hospice earlier this month. The terminal cancer sufferer is six years into a 16-year sentence for the rape and sexual assault of his daughter Aine Dahlstrom, now aged 45.

She bravely waived her right to anonymity to reveal how, starting when she was aged just four, the predator abused her for a six-year period between 1977 and 1983.

Liam Adams was convicted in 2013 after a lengthy legal battle that saw him extradited from the south after the PSNI issued a European Arrest Warrant. He later launched an appeal against his conviction which was rejected.

Aine told police about the abuse in 1987, but said detectives were more interested in getting information about her republican uncle Gerry Adams than her paedophile father Liam. Twenty years later she made a fresh complaint to the PSNI after learning how her pervert dad was working in a youth club with unsuspecting children.

During Liam’s trial, Gerry Adams admitted niece Aine told him about the abuse and rape in 1987, which he instantly believed.

Liam Adams, who was convicted of the rape of his daughter Aine
Liam Adams, who was convicted of the rape of his daughter Aine

He says he confronted his younger brother about this in Dundalk in 2000 and he confessed.

Despite this Liam would go on to work in youth clubs in Dundalk and in west Belfast, which Gerry was MP for at the time.

Aine referenced this after her father was convicted of her rape, saying: “I was very concerned that Liam was seeking jobs working with children.

“Gerry told me that was Liam’s way of trying to make up to the community for what he done to me.

“I kept telling Gerry to get Liam out of the youth groups.”

Gerry responded by saying he was “very disappointed” that his niece did not appear to believe he had acted with her best interests at heart.

Prior to being transferred to a Belfast hospice, Liam was held in the Vulnerable Prisoners Unit (VPU) at Maghaberry jail because his high profile made him the target for attacks.

This led to him striking up friendships with other notorious inmates caged there, including the child serial killer Robert Black, and rapist Trevor Hamilton who murdered pensioner Attracta Harron.

Republican sources say there is keen interest in whether Gerry Adams will attend his brother’s funeral. His own father Gerry Adams Snr received a republican burial despite his son knowing that he was a paedophile who abused family members.

Aine Dahlstrom
Aine Dahlstrom

Gerry Adams spoke about this candidly in a 2009 interview, saying: “Personally that was one of the great dilemmas for me because I’m a republican. I’m speaking here as a human being, as a family member.

“I didn’t want him buried with the tricolour.

“I think he besmirched it but it was a dilemma for other members of my family who felt that they didn’t want this at that time out in the open.”

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