Friday, August 12, 2016

‘Stronger for Scotland’ Labour Candidate beats Nicola Sturgeon’s dad in the Irvine by-election, the sheen is really starting to fade on Team Sturgeon, only a matter of time before people see through Nicola Sturgeon as the SNP collapse due to their own stupidity


Dear All

It seems that the curse of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is trickling downwards to her dear old dad.

Robin Sturgeon stood for the SNP in the contest in the Irvine West ward of North Ayrshire Council.

And lost!

He was beaten by Labour’s Louise McPhater who fought a hard by-election.

The SNP’s shock defeat in the Irvine West by-election is very telling, the SNP keep promoting Nicola Sturgeon as some kind of self-appointed leader of the people of Scotland and popular.

It seems the Nicola Sturgeon hyped up fake personality is now wearing thin in Scotland, too many bad decisions, too much failure, a party riddled with cronyism and nepotism, and a panic stricken desire to latch on to a kid as human shield during elections.

In the days when I was in the SNP, the SNP used to put a lot of effort into by-elections, they were done as ‘specials’, everyone of note would turn up for the big ones but less so when it was council.

I remember the by-election of Bishopbriggs South, ran by Fiona McLeod the former SNP MSP, the turnout of activists was exceptionally poor. This by-election preceded the Glasgow North East Westminster campaign in 2009 which resulted in an SNP loss to Willie Bain of the Labour Party.

That by-election was very interesting as it was run by remote control by Dundee SNP who apparently did think the Glasgow lot hadn’t done enough in the area previously.

The ‘Bob Doris’ Effect!

I have to say that Nicola Sturgeon’s dad losing is rather funny, of course I have experienced losing myself in Govan in 2013, but I had limited time, resources and was basically doing the lot myself on a budget of £100.

The Sturgeon crew should be sweeping all before as they claim the SNP has about 120,000 members after Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014.

But they aren’t!

It seems that Scotland is still in flux, and by-elections for council still have low turn outs as people don’t see them as important in the grand scheme of things.

Turnout was 20.9% so begs the question if the SNPO are stronger for Scotland (another con trick) why such a low low interest in democracy?

Although the SNP topped the first-preference votes in the council by-election they lost the seat on second preferences which shows the wider voting public aren’t exactly sold on the SNP at least not in Irvine.

Sturgeon tweeted that she was proud of her dad following the shock defeat, personally I am proud of the people of Irvine; politics is like a family business in the Sturgeon family.

Expect this time round Robin Sturgeon gets put out into the street, hope for Scotland yet!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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