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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Getting the Right Players; Scottish Conservatives want to block Nicola Sturgeon and her Government from post-Brexit trade role, if Prime Minister Theresa May thinks she can get Sturgeon on side to back her Plan B, she is full of wishful thinking, the Nats don’t do diplomacy well, they don’t do team playing well and they can’t grasp global politics

Dear All

Recently you may have keeled over laughing at the suggestion by Team Salmond that that the attack dogs would be ‘called off’ on the Nicola Sturgeon crew. The proposed Peace Treaty lies in tatters, before the ink was dry. Up pops Kenny MacAskill, a friend and ally, and a Court of Session attendee to say that it is time that Nicola Sturgeon’s husband ‘move on’. Sturgeon’s pensioner husband is the Chief Executive of the SNP, so no doubt many people will wonder, after recent events, is this the second front on the ‘War on Sturgeon’?

Between Sturgeon and her husband, the ‘fighters for social justice’ rake in about a quarter of a million a year.

So have they made Scotland a better place?

Well, that depends of where and who you look at, the general population, I would say that comes in as a big no. The ‘Murrell’s’ seem to be in no hurry to abandon power, so it looks like Kenny MacAskill won’t get his wish of an early departure. This leaves Team Salmond to go back to the old fashion ‘blood and guts’ approach, backstabbing, smears, garnering supporters, and picking up intel to use against Nicola Sturgeon.

In the grand scheme of things, the ‘War on Sturgeon’ is a popcorn event for most of us; there are still bigger issues in the round to cast an eye over. The Scottish Conservatives have decided that they want to block any post-Brexit trade role for Scottish Government. As the SNP have shown their true colours on Brexit, it is only natural that the Conservatives want to shut them out, so that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t get any surplus glory and selfie opportunities should they arise.

I can’t blame the Scottish Conservatives, if the SNP had been reasonable, they would have got a place at the table by the Conservatives; Nicola Sturgeon blew that almost immediately, with her anti Tory diatribe. Although Scottish Conservative MPs have warned the government they will not support any move to give the Scottish Government a formal role in trade negotiations after Brexit, you can work out that this is because they are planning an assault on winning Holyrood in 2021.

So, only logical to use any means to curtail Nicola Sturgeon’s grandstanding!

Nicola Sturgeon is set to meet Theresa May in London to discuss the Prime Minister’s offer of an “enhanced role” for devolved administrations in the remaining stages of Brexit. Personally, I think this is a waste of time, the SNP have no positive role in Brexit, quite the opposite, allowing them access to talks would only be used by them for independence campaigning and mischief.

Speculation that Mrs May could offer the First Minister and her Welsh counterpart a greater role in trade talks in exchange for support in getting the UK government’s embattled Brexit deal through the House of Commons seems to me to be farfetched given the SNP voted against the last deal. And they also voted against the government in the no confidence vote, and planned to table their own no confidence vote which didn’t pan out.
Before Christmas, trade minister George Hollingbery told the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster chaired by the SNP growler Pete Wishart that he would be “drawing [devolved governments] as closely in as is reasonable to the actual negotiations themselves”. Clearly Mr. Hollingbery isn’t up to speed on the ‘Scottish problem’ and grievance monkey-ism used by the SNP.

A Scottish Tory source saying they wanted devolved trade envoys to “sell Scotland and nothing more” but as seen at the Olympics, the SNP setup their own little trade mission which was a disaster, they aren’t team players. A source told the press; “The idea of Nicola Sturgeon joining Theresa May on international trade missions isn’t new, it’s been around for some time.” The idea on paper may sound okay, but the problem of two agendas would emerge very quickly, and everyone should know that.

A spokesman for Nicola Sturgeon said previous pledges from Downing Street to involve Holyrood in the process have amounted to “warm words and platitudes.”

So, there you have it in a nutshell, the same old story of grievance, why bother to get into a vehicle you know is going to be in a car crash?

Finally, you let Sturgeon and her crew in, they mess up and then you have to kick them out, then you have even more trouble; bad PR, and a continuation of the same song of not listening to Scotland’s interests. For devolved administrations to work with the UK government, you have to have understanding not just between players but also understanding of what their roles are. Sometimes, it is best to leave a can of worms on the shelf when you want to get the global fish!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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