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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Another Day, Another SNP Shit Show; SNP minister Maree Todd apologises after plugging speech by blogger with ‘abhorrent’ views, the SNP is like an open cesspool in high summer, should we be surprised what it attracts, more grief for Nicola Sturgeon’s imploding party

Dear All

The Scottish National Party whether people like it or not is a cesspool, although they kept a lid on it for some time, the Scottish independence referendum blew the lid of it. One of the things which emerged quite quickly was the section of the party which I dub ‘Sein Fein Lite’. The Sein Fein lite brigade don’t believe in Scottish independence, that is a convenient cover for their real agenda, breakup of the United Kingdom.

Scottish Nationalism is just a vehicle for them to attempt that goal…. nothing more.

Recent events have plunged the SNP into chaos, the leadership is in a war with a former member; another ex-MP is facing criminal trial next month in Glasgow Sheriff Court. Brexit is going badly for the party, and ‘Call centre’ Humza, the ‘Justice Minister’ is failing badly as crime stats show he is failing to get a grip.

To show what you get when you vote SNP, another SNP minister has been forced to apologise after plugging a speech by a controversial pro-independence activist. The blogger suggested British soldiers in Northern Ireland are “legitimate targets” and labelled the poppy a “bloodied weed”.

‘Sein Fein lite’ is an element of the SNP that should have been dealt with, but the leadership embraced these people in an attempt to secure the Catholic votes in the West of Scotland and the Central belt. The details of the latest mistake in judgement is that Maree Todd, minister for children and young people, shared information about an upcoming event featuring Jason Michael McCann in Alness, and marked herself as “interested” in attending on Facebook.

McCann, who is based in Dublin, has previously labelled the British state “an oppressive anti-democratic regime” and accused it of trying to ignite a war in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This is of course nonsense by him, but the Sein Fein lite crew generally have a screw loose when it comes to the UK.

McCann recently tweeted:

“British soldiers returned to the streets of Northern Ireland. Good Friday Agreement now utterly defunct. Without peace, as the rules of war have it, these British soldiers are now legitimate targets.”

Clearly barking mad, the UK has no interest in a hard border with Northern Ireland or a soft border, they would rather that people swan across back and forth doing their own thing not just in terms of trade but also local relations.

In one blog, McCann wrote: “When I see my fellow independentistas wearing the poppy I see a contradiction. This bloodied weed is nothing short of ‘Britain the brand’ painted over the bones of its victims, and we Scots have given it enough. Yet, my anger is not with those who wear it to remember. My frustration is that still there are people who fail to see how it is being used – with massive cultural force – to forge a sense of national unity in a state that is anything but one nation. It is being used by the British state and by the nationalist foot soldiers of British thuggery as a nation building tool much in the same way a dog marks its territory – all over its victims in Flanders, France, Ireland, India, and all over Africa.”

I think the only pish which has been ‘marked’ here is what spouts out the mouth of Jason Michael McCann. What McCann is doing is echoing the rubbish that the SNP spout in the House of Commons about the ‘end of the good Friday agreement’ which the DUP properly shot down as an MP said they didn’t know what they are talking about.

McCann also wrote:

“Brexit is not only the end of the Good Friday Agreement, it is the beginning of a war that will be fought in England.”

Clearly, he has missed the boat, the only acceptable show in town in Ireland is peace, and the people in various communities will not be slow to angry if anyone tries to break that peace.

In a Tommy Ballesque rant, he suggested unionist politicians and media outlets are the “scum of the Earth”.

Surely not the BBC, they are always very nice anytime I have popped in the door!

In a climbdown, SNP Minister Maree Todd has crawled out to  apologised for retweeting information about Mr McCann’s upcoming Alness speech, which described him as a “great speaker with an important message”.

“Great speaker with an important message”?

The guy is a shit talker of the highest order, who probably has bought himself an open file by the security services with his talk of war in England.

Todd told the press which highlighted his views:

“I was not aware of the, frankly, abhorrent views held by this individual and was horrified when they were pointed out to me. Obviously I am sorry for having retweeted this event.”

She added:

“As soon as I was made aware, I contacted the organisers to share with them his views. They have, rightly, moved to cancel the event.”

So, by acting like an arse, McCann got what he deserved, tossed out in the street, no welcome here.

Definitely McCann told the press, he stood by his comments, obvious self-reflection has passed him by!

He said:

“I’m a pacifist and a devout Christian and I don’t want Ireland to return to violence. The target comment comes from the Green Book issued to Provisional IRA volunteers. It’s a quote from the book.”

Anyone want to hazard a guess why McCann reads quotes from the Green Book issued to Provisional IRA volunteers?

My guess is fud!

Finally, with so few people backing SNP style Nationalism, should we be surprised that people like Ms Todd; an SNP Minister is tweeting people like McCann? When I was a kid, there used to be coalmen who would deliver coal to houses, these days it appears that there is a ‘shit wagon’ which stops outside the SNP each day to deliver a full load on their doorstep.

And long may they keep delivering!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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