Police blunders mean child killer may NEVER face justice in case echoing Poppi Worthington

A CHILD murderer who molested and strangled a ten-year-old girl in her bed may never face justice after bungling police officers brushed the crime off as an accident.

police blunders child killer

Instead, officers wrongly believed the schoolgirl had hanged herself (Image: PA)

A serious of blunders by detectives investigating the horrific slaughter of the child means her killer could never be caught.

The schoolgirl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found dead in 2016.

Investigators failed to search for fingerprints, carry out basic forensic tests on what would have been the murder weapon and did not check whether 15 samples of male DNA found on the girl’s underwear matched any on the police national database.

They also failed to seal off the crime scene after jumping the gun and dismissing the death as an accident, in a case frighteningly similar to that of tot Poppi Worthington, The Sun reports.

Lawyer: Mother of Poppi Worthington getting ‘closer to truth’

Instead, officers wrongly believed the schoolgirl had hanged herself on some lace netting that was used to decorate her bunkbed.

A judge said the investigation was “replete with the sort of mistakes in the Poppi Worthington case”.

13-month-old Poppi died in Cumbria in 2012.

In this case, High Court judge Mr Justice Francis identified 13 police failures in the investigation that include officers failing to collect vital DNA and allowing the contamination of the crime scene.

Detectives also did not follow up claims from the victim’s family that a relative known as Mr B might have been the killer.

In 2014 Mr Justice Peter Jackson ruled Poppi died after being sexually abused by her father, Paul, 50, and criticised police and social workers.

police blunders child killer

Thirteen-month-old Poppi died in Cumbria in 2012 (Image: GETTY)

But the county council won a two-year order to cover up their shameful failings – arguing “disclosure might be unfair to the agencies”.

It was only in June 2016 that the full details surrounding their failures were published.

Despite the publicity, no health or social workers were sacked.

In March, details of two similar cases likened to the Poppi Worthington case emerged after more toddlers faced abuse in Barrow.

Sisters aged two and 10 weeks slept in cigarette butt-littered beds and went without clothes and food while their clothes were urine-soaked and sodden with beer.

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