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Yesterday for the first time there was proper face-to-face contact with Robert (that I’ve heard of anyway) and a full report from Lorna who lives 30 miles from Perth and had 1 ¼ hours with him yesterday/Tuesday afternoon. Thanks Lorna for filling us in on everything that’s been going on with Robert since his arrest last Thursday.
The saga began mid-morning on 13th February when Robert was rung up on his mobile by a member of his family and told to go home as a police officer wished to talk to him. He arrived at his house to find 6 Scottish police officers headed by DI Alex Drummond plus 1 officer of Cheshire police, waiting with a warrant for his arrest. He noted that contrary to last time they hadn’t forced entry but had been patiently waiting for him to return. 2 of the officers then drove off with him back up to Aberdeen while the others stayed behind to search his house “to steal my records and evidence once again,” as he put it. He wasn’t handcuffed and they were quite courteous.
Arriving at Grampian Queen Street Aberdeen police station at about 7.30 pm he was checked in and soon afterwards a Dr Wearden arrived to assess him, followed by 2 lady psychiatrists. Dr Wearden asked him if he wasn’t somewhat “over-committed?” a slightly curious term which sticks in Robert’s memory, then the 2 psychiatrists interviewed him and pronounced him fit and well, no problems.
After a pause in proceedings, at around midnight he was driven to Cornhill Mental Hospital where he was interviewed for an hour by a lady Psychologist this time who again found nothing of concern.
Friday morning he was taken to the Sheriff Court where he hung about all day waiting for his case to come up but by the time everyone else had been dealt with all the Sheriffs had gone home and there was only a visiting lady Sheriff, a Mrs Macdonald from Dundee? Perth? who ruled he was to be held on remand pending a hearing the following Friday, 21st February.
Arriving at HMP Perth on Friday evening he was greeted like a returning hero – several officers who’d been at Craiginches Aberdeen and had been transferred to Perth remembered him from 2012. He’s been given a single room with a table where he can do his writing and a window with a view. The prison is spotless and well-run and once again he is being treated extremely well and people can’t do enough for him – as he put it, “they’re all behind me, they all hate Salmond.” It was the same outside the prison – in the car-park as Lorna was leaving she noticed a little girl in a bright jumper with the word ‘Love’ emblazoned on it skipping in a flowerbed flanked by 2 ladies who had noticed whom she’d been visiting and assumed she was Robert’s wife! “Your husband’s a legend!” the first lady pronounced then the second one echoed her “yes, LEGEND, tell him never to give up.”
As for the legend himself, he was his usual affable self; when Lorna arrived he wasn’t in the visiting hall but arrived a few minutes later, having been out exercising, looking endearingly scruffy in a red sweatshirt lacking its cuffs “but I have shaved,” he hastened to reassure his lady-guest with a chuckle. He seemed very well and upbeat and taking everything in his stride as usual. “There’s no point in getting annoyed about anything, they are being so good to me here, everyone’s just so nice.” He’d been to the prison chapel on Sunday and 4 words in the minister’s address had jumped out at him – “step forwards without fear.” “That would make a very good campaign motto wouldn’t it?” he said then suggested what’s needed at this stage is pictures of Hollie and Alex Salmond side-by-side all over Scotland this summer.Frank Mulholland should have been arrested, not him! As for Salmond, “he’s broken the law on Freedom of Information, everyone needs to know about that.”
As for the burning question, why was he arrested and why is he in prison at all? curiously after 5 whole days Robert still couldn’t answer that – he still hasn’t been formally interviewed! In the informal chats he has had with the likes of DI Drummond the charge was named as breach of an ASBO rather than a Non-Harassment Order although there has been no explanation as to how that was breached. DI Drummond was also been noticeably keen to know what information Robert might be holding concerning membership of the ‘Volatile Club’ as he referred to it [the Violate Club], did Robert have any actual names? Of course that’s what everyone would like to know!
As for the imminence of Rusty’s trial which could be another underlying reason for Robert’s being locked away at this precise moment in time he wants Rusty to know that he is still determined to be a witness which as a remand prisoner he is still technically able to be so if he is still being held next week he will insist on that.
In the meantime a solicitor is standing by to assist on Friday however with no clear knowledge of the charge/issue and with still no paperwork relating to last Friday’s proceedings, such as they were, it has to be said the gentleman will be somewhat compromised.
Reading between all these lines, make of this curious situation what anyone can and may!
PS Robert was/is very concerned about a Bill going through the Scottish Parliament this week which if passed will allocate to every child in Scotland a state guardian in a newly-independent Scotland. He described this as “sinister.”

Original Article at Free Robert Green

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