FRASERBURGH COP KAIN “there are two allan lows”

A driver was caught doing 128 mph on the A98 Banff to Fraserburgh Road on Saturday.

Driver clocked doing more than 100mph on North-east road

A driver was clocked speeding at more than 100mph on a busy North-east road, police have revealed.

The man was stopped by officers on the A98 Macduff to Fraserburgh road doing 101mph near to the Ardlaw junction on Tuesday.
A further three motorists were also caught speeding as part
of Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce), an ongoing
operation to encourage drivers to take more responsibility on the
region’s roads.
Five vehicles were found to be breaching other offences such
as defective lights, which resulted in two drivers being issued with
notifications to rectify the faults.
One person was stopped for failing to obey a red light while
another was stopped due to not having a valid MOT. Both drivers were
issued with conditional offers.
Fraserburgh sergeant Ronnie Kain, who instigated the
operation, said: “Although there are no issues with the vast majority of
drivers and vehicles on the road I would like to remind the public to
regularly check their vehicles including lights and tyres to ensure your
car is road worthy.
“Motorists should obviously always obey the highway code and
road traffic legislation and also ensure that all documentation is
valid and in place for the driver and vehicle.”##

I’ve been advised you have attended Peterhead Police Office to make us aware of a matter.
Can you please phone 101 and ask to speak to me at the Fraserburgh Sergeants Office.
Ronnie Kain |
Sergeant A8518
|Team 3
Fraserburgh Police Office
Aberdeenshire and Moray Division.


  101 (non-emergency)


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