Neil Fox
Radio presenter Neil Fox has been re-arrested on suspicion of a further three sexual assaults.
The 53-year-old DJ was first arrested on 30 September over four sexual assault allegations made by two women.
He was re-arrested on Monday for a further three alleged sexual assaults, meaning he faces a total of seven allegations by five women.
The Metropolitan police said two of the new alleged sexual assaults are thought to have happened in the 1990s and the third in 2007.
Fox, who was dropped from his Magic FM show after being arrested at their central London studios in September, was bailed to a date in March 2015.
Fox, who has not been charged with any offence, maintained his innocence when speaking to reporters following his original arrest, saying: “Obviously I had a very stressful day – it was a complete surprise.
“I haven’t really got much very to say in terms of a statement at the moment. I need to go and speak to my lawyer and see where it all stands and just see where we are.”
He added: “I’ve got three young children trying to get on with their school life and you have to respect their privacy in all of this. It’s nothing to do with them, obviously.
“It’s to do with me and the serious allegations made against me, and obviously what I want to do is work hard to clear my name. As and when I’ve got more to say I will.”
Scotland Yard, which did not name Fox, said the arrest was not part of Operation Yewtree. How the mighty are rapidly falling.

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